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Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by cannabolita, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. I'm a big comedy fan, wanted to start this thread so I could expand my repertoire. The idea is that you provide a link to your favorite stand-up comedy routine (you can use myspace, youtube, or napsterlinks - all are free). I'll try and contribute at least three routines a week.

    Listen to Advertising Lullabye by George Carlin :
  2. Listen to JESUS IS MAGIC, by Sarah Silverman:

    I just downloaded the soundtrack last nite off the d/l service my school provides, then listened to it as i was ripping on the bubbler.....funny as HELL!!
  3. I just put Jesus is Magic in my netflix queue this morning.... I can't wait to see it. I haven't listened to it even though it's all on napsterlinks... wanna see the whole thing at home, not here at work.

    My favorite lady comedienne right now: Listen to Hollywood Standards by Maria Bamford :
  4. Oh, I forgot to mention. Oddly, I was disappointed by Jesus is Magic. I think Sarah Silverman is brilliant, but she has a way to go to develop herself. I just thought there were not enough jokes for the amount of time. Still, she's great, she's got serious potential. I can't wait to see how she develops. I wish the full routine was on here, this piece will have to do, one of my favorites by Dave Chapelle:
  5. If your a Dane Cook fan like myself then you MUST listen to Daniel Tosh "True Stories I Made Up" - I literally pissed my pants listening to it the first time. I dont have a link for any of his routines but is his official website. You could just download his CD off of Limewire or something, maybe iTunes carries it? You NEED to listen to it though. You'll become an instant fan.

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