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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by diamba, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. hi everybody,

    I'm about to put the lining on the walls of my grow space.

    the surface it'll cover is not 100% flat (but far away from irregular) and I'll use a 300W LED.

    does it need to be 100% flat to not create hotspots or be efficiently reflective? the most part of the irregular area will be above the light.

    thank you!!
  2. oh i forgot to mention: I'm using panda plastic film.
  3. With the black/white poly, imo, you dont get too many hotspots but mainly beacause its not nearly as reflective as the actual "reflective" films. The diamond textured shiny film is supposed to work really good, like >90% I think, and it eliminated a good amount of hotspots. I use the black/white poly cause its cheap and works decent for my small closet grow. It just depends on how crazy you wanna get with eveything. Spend a small fortune and get near 100% reflection or go the budget route and get far less. Either way is better than nothing at all but you still people growing good bud without anything at all.
  4. An LED system is so directional with its light, that I'm not sure of the efficacy of lining the grow space.  How much light actually spills out against the walls?  Unlike a HID bulb which lights in all directions even with a hood.
    And again with the LED system, because you don't have light straying out all over the place I don't really see hotspots being especially an issue.

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