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  1. please define:

  2. mids- commercial quality
    dro- commonly referred to as "dank" in the city, was known to be hydro or hydropaunic
    shwag- come on now, this stuff is garbage, the dregs of the MJ Barrel
    dank- good herb
  3. This may sound dumb, but how is Shwag produced, or where does it come from? From my understanding, nugs are from all plants (the buds), and shawg comes from the shwag trolls....
  4. shwag is made when you jsut grow bad pot, there could be various ways to get shwagy bud such as not caring for the plant or not curing it properly.. it also depnds on waht soil you us eand the amount fo lighting adn all teh aspects of growing accoutns for how good the bud will be.
  5. Schawg mech, whatever you call it your bound to find it in your city. If your in cali its most likely mexican weed.

    Pronounce "Shwag". Just how it looks

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