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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Boesak, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. I was wondering not being alive in 70's and only taking up smoking about half way through the 90's has the language regarding smoking and buds changed much. Did you guys have heaps good terms back in the day or is still pretty much the same?
  2. I can remember it bein sold as a "lid", a joint was a doobie or a 'Scoobie Snack',........let's see.....a hooka was a bong.....that's all that hasn't burnt up in my head!!
    I'm not that old but I've seen "the scene" change dramatically over the years. People used to be very friendly with thier dope and everyone loved to share.
    AAAHHHHH...those were the good old days! LOL!
  3. Remember the Steve Martin thing? We was always wantin' to go get small. Joints were doobies or hooters. Bags were sold on the finger scale with four fingers usually being an ounce. Reefer was the hot term when I first started.
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  4. Joints were either "hog legs" or "skeeter (mosquito) legs" depending on how big they were rolled.
  5. Maybe there should be a "glossary of terms" somewhere on the net as I am always shocked by the amount of different names for the same thing!!
    (Isnt it eskimos that have something like 40 words for "white"??)
  6. dusting off the brain reveals a couple old school terms from the Ann Arbor days

    bird= joint
    blue bird= big joint (large jig jag paper)
    lettuce= Weed
    twirling= rolling
    wraps= papers
    b=frisby (for rollin)
    skippin stones with opey=tripping
    jumping jesus=coke smoker
    elbow=pound of weed
    chunks=hard packed weed
    crispy=to high to function
    elevate=get high
    stoke=burning a joint, packin a pipe
    houston oiler=joint covered in hash oil
    oiler=joint covered in hash oil
    stepchild=someone that wants to smoke but never buys weed
    lunger=someone that coughs with every hit
    barn breath=smoke to much without drinking or brushing teeth
    hag=girl giving sex for drugs
    dusty=dry throat
    thumper=headache from smoking to much
    ditch=bad weed
    coma=good weed

    ok my brain hurts....
  7. Gonna bump this for the Reason that a FEW of those terms listed above are still used by Older heads in my region. ,and so people can check it,and ps this is the oldest Gc thread ive found so far.
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    holy crap....2001...this thread  might as well be from the 70's...a dozen years lol
    I rec some of those terms.  We used to call an:  1/8th was a cheeseburger
                                                                               1/4 was cheeseburger w/a coke
                                                                               an OZ. was a happy meal.....hahah
  9. You'll love this one then.
    smokinokie still posts today, I believe he was the 79th GC member (likely less counting test users). Pat attention to post 14, this is where the term Blades comes from. (That user is back today, forgot old account password, but verified by smokin). :smoke:

  10. This is trippin me out so hard right now

    It's like I'm looking back through the ancient chronicles of Grasscity 

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