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Discussion in 'General' started by Dhes1234, May 18, 2003.


So what do u think of my views

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  1. I just finished my first year at collage, and i meet new people heard new things and actually learned a few things. Like how to make a vaporizer =) ANy way back to the subject, people down in this part of the country call the bud different names. These different names are in conflict with the standard norms that i believe most smokers believe.

    My views:

    Chronic-some funk, no seeds, cured bud, two hit killa the best that there is.....period

    Dank- weed mixed with coke

    Crip-funk, mostly used in blunts, still potent but not the CROW DIDLY (chronic)

    There Views:

    Chronic- weed mixed with coke

    Dank- some fire shit

    Crip-what i call chronic

    AM i fuciing wrong or am i just fucking anal retentive about this. Please help out
  2. We have schawg, mids, and dank or chronic. I've also heard of weed and coke being chronic. It just kinda varies from place to place.
  3. out in california chornic and dank are just diff names for good your smokin and you say 'damn this is some bomb ass dank' or 'damn this shits the chornic'... Neither means weed mixed with coke out here chewy is weed mixed with coke.
  4. idk.... in ny when your talking about chronic your talking about budd pressed in Yayo..... unless its Cali chronic... wich is a strain....

    and dank or dankies is really nice budd.....

    triples or beasters..... our mid grade usuall from canada or grown commercially around here....still no seeds, good thc count....

    then theres...regs or schwagg...seedy budd that no one really bothers w/ around here..... i wouldn't even know where to find regs in my town...... its annoying when you want to cook with budd, cause thats what we use and its a pain to find
  5. in my neck of the woods it's like this:

    schwag, regs, poop, dirt: crappy weed. usually used in blunts or J's. lotta seeds, brownish color.

    low mids: less seeds, and it's green, but still not something you'd wanna smoke in anything but a blunt or J.

    high mids: little seeds, light green, you could put it in a bowl, but it'll burn quick. will get you pretty high.

    really high mids: same as above but better. sometimes in nug form but with seeds. could smoke in a bowl and won't burn as fast. will get you wasted

    dank/kb: great weed. no seeds, lotta crystals, red hairs, etc. smelly stuff... a blunt will get you retarted.

    turbo: weed mixed with coke
  6. The only term we use here from the above is"Chronic" which is laced with coke. Well thats wot it means here n e wayz, i guess it's different wherever u go.
  7. i agree wit cottons.
  8. around here in canada, chronic is the primoest weed you can get, and coke with weed is called cocopuffs.
  9. Round here, dank is like beasts, and chronis is weed laced with coke, we also have haze which is angeldust with coke.

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