Lineup at dealers house

Discussion in 'General' started by Rem, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Weirdest thing ever happened today, I went over to a dealer's house to grab a 1/8, and as I walk up theres about 6 vehicles lined up in his driveway and along the road. I really wanted this bag, so I head up to the door and theres people lined up to get in. I asked the guy in front of me what was going on and he was just like "fuck if I know big line up man." So I got in the line and waited about 15 minutes, my dealer was just sitting on his couching weighing weed out and bagging it as fast as he could. I got my weed and headed out. As I was going more people were coming in. Made me laugh, there was a longer lineup then most grocery stores. :rolleyes:
  2. wow he is gonna get caught soon, a line outside his house?? i give it a week before hes locked up
  3. That sounds fuckin sketch as hell. If I was dealing theres no way id let people just line up outside my house like that.
  4. not the smartest of drug dealer..

    find someone else bro
  5. Hopefully its cali.
  6. that's what I was thinking
  7. I would start looking for another dealer now, that guy won't be around to long, that is funny as hell though, I have seen similar, I also went to meet someone at a gas station in the parking lot, and parked next to 3 other cars full of people I knew waiting for the same guy.
  8. Really now? Either everyone there wasn't thinking straight or I'm calling bullshit, sorry.

    What kind of dealer who took his job seriously would do that?
  9. lot's of dealers. It's happened to me many times with different guys. when the people are hungry, someone has to provide.
  10. So. Doesn't mean there has to be a parade of stoners coming out your front door.

    If I was slanging I'd keep that shit low-pro to the max.
  11. damn eventually he'll get caught up and learn his lesson like i have
  12. if your really on your grind, you try and take care of every customer. each one you turn away is business lost. some people don't use phones, and just have people come to their house.

    but that dude with all the cars in his driveway is getting watched, and I guess isn't too smart; I'd too try to keep my shit low profile, but keep my customers happy. Like I said, I give it a week
  13. the worst part is this isn't uncommon. i knew plenty of people that got caught purely because they ran their mouth about a successful grow. they'd manage an outdoor harvest with a terrible yield (3-4 Oz's of bag-seed quality bud) and think they were the rasta kings. people are retarded, don't be fooled..

    oh and like everyone else has been saying, find another connect. it's not safe to play around with people like that guy. if he's not safe, neither are you - always remember that.
  14. Fuck I've been having great dealers then. Never ran into someone that seemed that dumb to me.

  15. HAHAHAH, rasta kings.

    "Yo what you know about that bobby brown" :hello:

    @OP, get outta that shit, atleast he could have people in his backyard... my dealer wont let me talk about herb on the phone hes so paranoid.
  16. lol wow what a dumbass dealer I know one guy who has soo many customers but he all lets them inside a line up outside your house isnt the best idea
  17. haha yea at least bring them all inside

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