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Lines of Hash / First mini-blunt

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Clueless, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hey whats up everyone, thought I might contribute instead of the usual lurking, anyways first picture is my last hash pick-up, and the second is a mini-blunt i just rolled...criticism, i don't mind long im high :D


  2. damn, how much did that run you?
  3. Damn is that really all hash? looks kinda like licorice
  4. In the 60's afghani hash was shaped exactly like licorice in rolls that they even called it that.

  5. Yup it's all hash, it's just cut up from a block.
  6. Nice hash man. I would love to have some of that shit, fosure.

  7. sex in my mouth.
  8. hell yeah nice hash pick up
  9. When I went to Egypt this is exactly how the hash came, and it was v. nice. It was also afghan hash I got out there
  10. excellent mini-blunt.:smoke:
  11. Thanks for the replies, and reps guys! Wish there was like an e-blunt passing method here, what good is smoke if you're not going to be sharing the love :D
  12. i envy you!!!!

    hash is the best smoke ever!
  13. Gotta try that...

    Lookin wild good too. I think i might have eaten that shit if i was too high..
  14. Ah man, I hope I can try that soon. I got a party coming up with my main connect. He grows, and is using his personal stash for the party. He is really into cooking with herbs and all that, so maybe he'll suprise us with some.

    Ah man, that looks so good.

  15. thats how it should be....the way my guy cuts up his hash is a little different but they all come from a kilo block and if it didnt its proboally not realy european hash...that looks like some nice quality
  16. i wish i had a kilo of hash, then i wouldn't need bud for a year

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