Lindsay Lohan

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  1. Just saw her in the tele.

    Man, just to think she is sitting in jail with nothing to do. If she only knew that I would pay to stick my tongue so far up her ass, I'd snatch the gum outta her mouth!!!
  2. I think shes average.
  3. eeewwwww lol wtf
  4. I won't lie, I'd hit it.

    Shit, I'd pull a K-fed.
  5. She was smokin' during the Mean Girls era. Even though she was like 17 at the time.

  6. Doesn't matter to me.

    He was hot during Herbie too.

    Although, I'd do the same to Miley Cyrus or Salina Gomez!!!!1
  7. HAHAHHAHAHAH that's the funniest thing I've heard in a while man...thank you for that.
  8. ...i dont understand why anyone would want their tongue near anyones asshole. celeb or not....hell ESPECIALLY not lohan's asshole...probably got dangle berrys chillin all up in thar. i mean, lord knows she doesnt take care of herself..
  9. She's not in jail anymore,
    coming to a Rehab near you...

    And no, I wouldn't fuck her.
    Only half dead looking girls want her.
  10. mmmmm lindsay<3

    and actually DancingVinodini she's back in jail again as far as i know, it was all over the news a few days ago
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    She's been released on 300,000 bond.

    Another judge intervened and said she was entitled to bail...
    She's out, druggin' it up before she enters "intense rehab".
    Blah blah blah...too little too late, don't insult my pop culture
    intelligence. Hahah I know too much for my own good.

    She's just a stupid bitch who got off...yet again.

    "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Play Set!"

  12. [​IMG]

    At this point, she's way average.

  13. What you're trying to say is that you would eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from!
  14. here ya gp, just in case
  15. :bolt:
  16. Dude, have you seen any pictures of her in the last 2 years? She's lookin' like she was rode hard and put up wet. She looks really rough.

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

  17. Hey, adds flavor!

    Dude, I'd do things to her that are illegal to do to a farm animal in Alabama!!!!

  18. Word man, Selena Gomez is hot.

    The things I would eat out of her ass, you have no idea!
  19. Lol, good one.
    And yes, Lindsay Lohan is still purrrty nice.

  20. I wanna fuck courtney love too, I am not sure that I would eat her ass though.

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