Linda reviews the GlassCity - SNOB collaboration 7mm triple perc stemless bong!

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    "There's really only one word to describe this beast - EPIC! I'm simply in LOVE :) I love me some quality glass, and this here is the best bang for my buck that I've seen. Made with high quality Schott Duran glass, this lovely piece features 3 percs (1 UFO perc, 1 cup perc, and a 10-arm tree perc), ice notches, and a great flat base. Stemless as well for easy medicating."

    Nice on Linda - SJ​
    Linda reviews the GlassCity / SNOB collaboration 7mm triple perc stemless bong! - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Great review linda.

    Glad you mentioned the quality of the glass, excellent addition.

    I'm glad it actually is 10 arms. Was gonna verify myself when mine comes in, but now I don't have to ^_^

    That sounded like a very low drag hit.

    And I love the sneak peek for the next piece.

    I lost my WS double bubble, and I'm very happy to know there is a more well made replacement out there.

    I hope I can get the money for it soon since theres so few of them.

    SJ, do yourself the favor of giving the Glasscity line "limited" sticky status.

    If these threads aren't popular they just get shoved aside and missed.

    This is the GRASSCITY BRAND MAN! Keep it on the front page for a week or two ^_^
  3. not a triple perc. fail.
  4. I know where your coming from.

    Most people aren't aware that dry diffusers technically count as a perc.

    Granted you need water to "percolate" but still.
  5. perc = pass through water

    dry percs do not exist

    dry diffusers, now we're getting closer

    btw not hating on linda, please don't ban me :p
  6. per·co·late/ˈpərkəˌlāt/
    (of a liquid or gas) Filter gradually through a porous surface or substance.
    (of information or an idea or feeling) Spread gradually through an area or group of people.

    hmm..........guess it doesn't need to pass through water after all. Hell, even I automatically assume water is required.

    triple perc ..............winning?
  7. you have to consider the word's use in a functional glass context

    a pillar is considered a single perc, even though by your definition it might be considered a double, or even a triple.
  8. too bad she tilts it when she hits hit, looks nasty
  9. The tree is crooked :(

    So is the tree in the stock photo.

    I assume they're not all like that, though.
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    I'd hope not. But it makes it seem like quality control is out the window when the stock photo has a couple crooked things going on, and then someone reviews it & they got a crooked one. Which also makes me worry about the quality and strength of the tree percs...Other than that, nice review.
  11. looks great!
  12. sorry but air isnt a porous surface or substance. water in fact is.
  13. LOL truth ^^
  14. nice....looking into a glasscity/snob
  15. Looks good for the price. But I would say the extra $50 or so I paid for the Blaze version was worth it. It has reinforced arms, a super beefy GonG joint, a better looking Circ perc, plus the base is way thicker.

    This looks awesome though for any fan of the GC line and anyone that only has $170.
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    In case your to ignorant to put two and two together.

    Ill give you a picture.

    Now kids, do we see the porous surface the air is passing through in this picture?

    good boy, you get a cookie.

    In fact fluids do not have pores.

    Only solids have Pores.

    Just so you know, I laughed at you really hard for making such a factually incorrect statement with such revere.

    And shit, I found it hilarious that you called his factually incorrect statement "truth"

    I hear ya.

    People base there opinions of this piece based on what they find acceptable for the price range.

    Theres nothing wrong with having unrealistic standards.

    Just like its perfectly acceptable for Toro to put out pieces that are uneven for 800 dollars.

    Disrespect is not tolerated here. Just because someone is (in your mind) incorrect doesn't give you leave to disrespect them

  17. That's kinda what I was wondering.

    A review video without showing both percs firing in the way the were designed to?:confused:
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    but.. gas conforms to the shape of it's surroundings, right?
    Wouldn't the smoke form one smoke cloud, just before entering the trees?
  19. ^^ What chu talkin' bout Willis?

    &lol @ not hitting the tube on a table

  20. ...Just to nitpick, percolation occurs as a liquid passes through a porous surface. That is a diffuser. Then again, by that methodology, so are all "percs."

    It's semantics. No need to flaunt the fact that you teach biology to people.

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