limpy leafs - over/underwater? smt alse?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by prebanubra, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Hello GS, im in my first grow and having a problem.
    MJ's are in day 10 or so. Im still fighint with my growroom set-up.
    They started few days ago showing limply leafs
    There are pics. Im grateful for any help, thans guys :(

    This is three days ago:


    This is today

  2. HIGH All, ahhhh man....too Bad Bro...yup looks overwatered. Let the WR dry out and hope for the Best.
  3. Looks overwatered to me, just let it completly dry out between waterings.
  4. what kind of light is that above the plant and above that cfl putting the orange light off??? If that light is putting off too much heat it will burn the plant like that...and eventually kill plants had that burnt leaf and droopyness because i used some soil that had to many nutrients to start the plant out i had to transplant early.they can still make it so don't give up!
  5. thank you all for help, i got 3x 26W UVB cfl's with.
    im gonna adjust the lights just to try it.
    i water babys few times a day, they dont feel wet when i put my finger in the soil.
    anyway im gonna try to water slightly and see what happens,

    thanks ;)
  6. u water a few times a day wow u should water every couple of days they dont need that much good luck

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