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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by tiki_god7, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. hey all grass city citizens......I'm a first time poster here.....also first time here's the low down; I just moved into a new house and found my bedroom window facing so conveniently southward meaning I got a steady supply of direct sunlight. So I got a bunch of plants growing in there(just average greenhouse plants) then one day found a nice little round seed on the floor of my car, threw it in with one of my plants and just kept it nice and wet for about a week and a half eventually I had a cute little stem poking out, once it was about an inch tall I transpanted it into its own pot and bought some feralizer that I mixed with some distilled water. so now my cute little stem is about 4 inches tall and kinda limp. its got two nicely sized leaves growing that kinda sag, so I propped the limp stick up against a stick of incence I stuck in the soil for support(wood tip in the dirt) I thought at first it might be limp from over watering so I watered less and its still a little limp stick. So my question is will it eventually just grow a tougher stalk to support itself? if not waht can I do to help? and also what is the recommended watering cycle for a newborn plant. I'm not planning on spending much money on this, more in it for the growing and learning experience not the producing of grade A dope so I plan on leaving it in the window collecting light from the time the sun comes up until its any tips would be great to have, and thank you all (for those who do respond) happy trails..........................peace......
  2. keep the air moving inside the room... have a little fan blowing against the little girl... this wil help develop a thicker stronger stem...


    good luck on your grow :D

    by the way... dont fertilize yet... wait about 2 to 3 weeks
  3. If you underwater seedlings just a little bit they will grow faster. The roots grow faster and deeper sooner. They seek water and if you make them look for it they'll root generally better.

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