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Limonene and BHO tincture?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by CTGott1, May 1, 2016.

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    Can a Limonene and BHO oral tincture be made effectively and efficiently?
  2. In what form will you be using limonene? I read that it's used as flavoring in gum and other things and in medicines. How are you going to get it? If it's available as an essential oil (I couldn't find it in this form) you would add a small amount (drop or two) to a GD tincture made with Everclear. This is purely conjecture. It's a terpene? Give more information on how you're planning to use it and what form you have it in. You got me on Google, but Google didn't get me very far on the subject.
  3. I have pure limonene in essential oil form. I have been using it to make e juice mixtures but now after many attempts at ejuice with varying success I am trying to make an oral tincture with just limonene and BHO. I made 25 grams bho to 7ml limonene so a bit more than a 3:1 bho:limonene ratio.
  4. Very interesting. Truthfully, I don't know. PsychedelicSam (Another Tincture Thread) usually weighs in on tincture questions. Why not try putting your post in Another Tincture thread where the tincture experts are. Good luck, sorry I couldn't help.
  5. That shouldn't be a problem and many commercial companies are doing the same. There's a company that makes shatter cartridges and instead of using a glycerol product they use limonene extract to make the shatter viable in the cartridge.

    it would be best if you have limonene extracted with alcohol so that it will blend better with your tincture, but first you'll need to make the tincture which is pretty easy. Start by decarbing 1 gram of BHO. Do you know how to do that? It is necessary. After you've decarbed the BHO you'll add either 15 or 30ml of 151 or 190 proof alcohol. You can make it stronger or weaker as you like but 1 gram is a good place to start. Use warm alcohol and the decarbed BHO should dissolve right in. That's your tincture. Then just add a few drops of your terpene extract, shake and it should be ready to use. :)
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  6. From doing my research I have found almost nothing except from commercial companies so it is as is they are keeping it under wraps and I don't want to use any alcohol. I decarbed the BHO and then added the limonene. I didn't try that much of it but what I did try worked very well.
  7. The limonene was probably extracted with alcohol if it's a retail product but not necessarily. A tincture is just a dosing variant. If it's liquid and can be dispensed as such you have a tincture by definition. :)
  8. Well thank you! I posted this question on Reddit and people thought I was insane for even suggesting the use of limonene. Well thanks to you I have a signature product.
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  9. You may want to consider using some myrcene in addition to the limonene. Myrcene is known as a potentiator for cannabis and is associated with mangos. It is commonly found in cannabis. :)

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    Thanks, I will definitely look into that. Limonene on it own is very strong it tastes like dabbing a lemon... Not too great. I imagine any similar terpene could greatly add to the flavor profile.

    On a side note last night i got my first mango ejuice, So it's a sign.
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  11. Have you seen this?
  12. Have you seen this?

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