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  1. Watched while tripping. Still tripping. Hard to make sense of reality. Will return
    when reality is solid.
  2. Senses out the window. Left side of the brain for sure.
  3. Haha I find it funny it is like a hyped version of ritalin for high intelligence ADHD adults. Which I find funny how one of the quotes in the movie is "It works better if your already smart"
  4. I didn't really understand that quote, unless they were implying that smart people have better functioning brains than 'less smart' individuals, even at full capacity, which leaves a lot up to interpretation.

    I loved the movie when I watched it sober as well, the possibility of it got my blood flowing. I really liked how he kind of lost his sense of reality the first time he took it as he remembered coming up the stairs so vividly that he could see it happening.

    Strongly functioning brains intrigue me, so I was in love when I saw the preview, so I'm probably biased :p Did nobody else watch it?
  5. Well if your IQ is 100, A pill may boost it to 200. If its already 200, it would boost it to 300-400. That's all the pill did make him think like a really smart guy. But computer smart
  6. I watched it, i thought it was interesting. it reminded me of adderall haha cus he cleaned the fuck out of his house and was concentrated. and sometimes my vision gets weird and looks glitchy, it reminded me of what happened to him after he was taking it too much
  7. Adderall is Ritilan for todays youth. Irony!
  8. Ah okay, that makes sense. I guess I just liked how it distorted his reality :p
  9. As soon as he cleaned his apartment I knew this movie was about Adderall.

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