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limiting the amount you smoke in one day?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ittybitty, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Does anyone limit themselves like I won't start before this time, or if I start early and I finish early and don't smoke in the evenings? When I was a teen I did the whole smoke all day every day sun up to sun down and in between, and sure that was fine and all but I'm not a teenager anymore. There is a place and time for everything. Now I try to go as long into the day without smoking, or if I smoke early I'll stop around 4 just for the sake of not being stoned all the time.
  2. when i was a teen whenever i had it i never stopped. mostly just because i was scared to keep it in my room. but yeah i limit myself now. its not that hard.
  3. I save my toking until my work is done, so usually, I get my stone on at the end of a long work day. Vacation or a full rainy day off can cause me to break out the ganga earlier. Nothing better than working hard, getting a lot done and then catching a buzz and being totally relaxed!
  4. i usually have rules so my tolerance doesn't get too high. i stopped following those rules a couple months ago and now i'm running through my weed so fast :(
  5. i find if i limit myself, even a day after i get higher,

    its as if my tolerance gets abused , and doesnt want me to get high anymore if i smoke too much
  6. I really only smoke in the very early hours of the day (2:00 - 6:00) or really late (9:00 - 2:00). So wait, that makes it sound like I smoke all night..

    Guess I do, I like to smoke later at night when I feel truly 100 percent relaxed, calm that I'm really not needed for anything for the next 4+ hours. There's just something about smoking at night I really enjoy, this does cut down my smoking during the day just because I want the best experience possible when I smoke later that day.
  7. i try and do this but after a few days i end up hittin my stash real hard to compensate and end up being worse off then when i started
  8. I limit myself because if you smoke constantly all day you turn into a useless lump that sits around and does nothing.

    Maybe a hit or 2 in the morning and then a bowl at night.
  9. I try to just limit myself on how much i smoke a day wether it be a gram or two etc. I usually just rip a couple bongs in the morning before i head out to work then smoke again when im home, but i dont get like right ripped before its later so i can still be able to do shit instead of eat and sleep
  10. You smoke once a day, maybe twice if it's friday or something. Take a day off here and there. When you run out, you'll be fine for a couple months. This is pretty much what I do.
  11. as an 18 year old in high school I see no reason to limit myself. Sure, when school starts I might cut down a little. keyword being MIGHT... :smoke:
  12. 5 o clock is the magic number!

    By then I try to have everything done and nothing but chillin with a few vape rips and some vids to be done.

    If I still have light stuff to do (cleaning etc.) I'll smoke anyway, but blast some music and have fun with it. Cleaning while high can be fun, but it's easy to get off track :confused: What was I doing again???

  13. 1 to 2 grams a day is hardly limiting yourself :smoking:
  14. Its actually not that bad the bud dont go to far takin it in bong rips but it keeps me blazed almost all day and not too fucked so i cant do anything. This is actually a lot better than what i was doin before, almost everyday me and a couple of my friends would always chill in my room smoke a big ole like quarter sesh n play video games. Not the way to save money or your tolerance. Ive cut down a lot since then and my life doesnt revolve around weed anymore even though it plays a big part in my life,
  15. I limit my self by going to bed. I haven't found a way to smoke in my sleep yet
    But im working on it.

  16. Is it possible you work the night shift by any chance?

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