Limited budget - bid demands!

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  1. Okay, so I know this is a big ask.

    I want:

    Glass on glass.

    Diffused (well, really I just want a cool smooth rip, I can't cough due to a medical condition)

    Decent sized/quality.


    Was looking at some of the weedstar range. Looks pretty good, namely the Messias Illusion single perc.

    Not sure on the quality is weedstar, but it seems pretty good for the money.

  2. How are the hits on them? Unfortunantly it needs to be cool and smooth due to a medical condition that is rather temperamental.
  3. Dude if you have a medical condition that becomes severe when you cough why would you smoke at all? thats kinda silly.

    Save up some more cash and buy a travel vape like the MFLB
  4. I've asked the doctor and he said smoking is fine I just need to not get harsh hits.

    I prefer smoking over vaping to be honest. I prefer the ritual of it :)
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    With the particular Illusions Messias I received the mouthpiece was enormous, I just posted about this in a thread earlier. A girl I knew from high school was actually not able to form a seal because her face was too small and I almost always drooled in it on accident because it was just too wide. Also the slide that came with it had a bunch of small fractures in the male joint.

    With that being said Weedstar is very hit or miss and there's no guaruntee you'll be happy with the product. Check out the Double Bubbler 2.0 I think it's like 60 still has the bong style mouth piece but it's double chambered.
  6. LOL.

    I have a pretty big head, pretty sure I'd be OK.

    What did you reckon of the hit? Smooth/cool etc? Remember, I don't smoke. ;)
  7. It hits decent, although the volume is a bit obnoxious and it's kinda draggy.
  8. So worth the money then? Not likely to break under once a week use?
  9. If you want a well diffused hit, one that will actually noticeably reduce the harshness, you're not gonna get it from weedstar, and unlikely to find it for 100 dollars.

    You'll need to invest in a quality glass piece with EPIC diffusion, and then still pack up baby rips, because the diffusion just makes it easier to take huge tokes, but they can still sneak up on you and make you hack a lung up

  10. I've probably had over 200 doctors appointments in my life and I've never once heard a doctor say smoking is fine.
  11. So basically, it has come down to, unless I buy something for $300+ with bullshit amounts of diffusion, it won't be any different to a straight tube?
  12. I'm not sure when that^ means, but you should really look into an Ehle bong. I'm fully convinced that a 500 mL Ehle is the absolute best money you can spend on a piece under $100. I own one and she is just fantastic. Much higher quality glass and construction than any of the Weedstars in that price range.
  13. Johnny: Well, I went ahead and ordered a EHLE Ice 250. It's the smaller in the price range, but I thought I'd try it out and if it's too small (which I doubt) I can sell it to a mate. :)
  14. Weedstar seems to be fine. Or EHLE. I just dont like the way they look and the double side sandblasting. Looks wierd. And the downstems arent diffused i think...

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