Limitations and ethics relating to cemetery research?

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  1. \tI have to write about my visit to a cemetery that I did research and analysis on. I have to reflect on the strengths and limitations of my research and also about ethical issues I encountered and how I resolved them. I don't really have much to say so some ideas would be great. 
    So far I have mentioned a limitation of going to an old cemetery, a lot of the gravestones are no longer present so a lot of the info is gone and you don't know if you're standing on a grave at any moment. To try not be obtrusive I did not stand on any cemeteries that I could see, I stayed a distance. Another limitation is that we were not allowed to interview anyone, so I couldn't get any extra info that way. Emotion wise I didn't really have any feelings about it, I was just neutral. 
    What else can i say? Thanks.

  2. What were you researching and analyzing?
  3. Just all aspects of a cemetery. From what time to what time was it open (1841 - 1952), what type is it )monumental), it is the first Catholic cemetery in Wellington, New Zealand, lots of religious symbols, people from all ages buried there, only 200 gravestones remain but there are around 1100 people buried here, it is on 1 acre of land. Their webpage
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