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  1. It's been a while since I've been on Grasscity, largely in part to this website I've been successfully harvesting crop after crop without issues.

    However, I've recently started a new op at a new location, and unfortunately my partner is one of those know it all types, even though he only has a single harvest under his belt.

    Have about 10 strains going, only a few of which are showing symptoms.

    Those being the ones I was looking forward to most, LSD, Tangerine Dream, and Headband Kush.

    I am currently running the whole H&G line and have been for some time now. Using Advance Sunshine #4 soil mix.

    Using tap water, which generally sits out for 24-48 hours, looking into getting a water quality report as I have no idea what they use in my city's water.

    I've always pH'd my water to a 5.7-5.9 range, however my partner wanted to deviate from that and has since been running 6.0-6.2.

    While some may disagree with me on 5.7-5.9 in soil, I've harvested a few hundred plants of 20+ strains, without ever needing to flush/diagnose sick plants. So I have a hard time believing its a lock out of sorts, especially considering these plants are young

    At one point there seemed to be some very minor nute burn, to be safe, I lightened the nutrient mixes a bit.

    I can't be sure if the problem is spreading/getting worse, it seems it may of stopped, but not necessarily recovered.

    I'm leaning towards a potential issue with the city water, as its really the only variable, minus a new house.

    I've not yet been able to treat the plants 'my way' - starting with a flush, and going back to a 5.8 pH water and rebuilding back up to full strength nutrients

    But I can't say with certainty whats going on with the plants, what might some of you suggest?

    (Don't mind the runt plant on the right, was a cutting that happened to start flowering under 24 hours of light)

    Apologies for the wall o' text

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  2. Anyone have an idea?
  3. What is the run-off pH. Run-off pH is most important IMHO. I find it very hard to believe that your run-off pH has been that much lower than 6.2 and still doing well. What type of meter do you have? Looks like either too much or too little for that particular strain.
  4. I agree, run-off is important

    I have a Hanna pH meter, and the bluelap truncheon, both are definitely on point.

    My run off is about 6.1-6.2, so I really shouldn't be experiencing any lockout

    Currently I'm just trying to pin point the deficiency before I start doing anything, I'm leaning towards early stage magnesium, maybe potassium.

    Keep in mind that the Advance Sunshine #4 mix is a soil/coco blend

    I've been using CalMag since the problem was noticed

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