Lime green/ yellowing but ph is fine???

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by HydrOKuSh, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Strains- Wappa, super lemon haze
    medium- pro mix bx, domolite lime, worm castings
    nutes- Botanicare pure blend pro full line
    light-600w hps
    p.h.-6.4 in soil
    Currently in week 1 of flowering(day2), plants show sign of deficiency, looking lime green/ yellow EVERYWHERE(not that visible on pic), they were nice and green until week 2 of botanicare nutes. I did Foliar fed with liquid karma 1 week ago, looked great a day after then went to hell. What do you think it could be?? please dont say nitrogen deficiency because they have plenty of pure blend pro gro and p.h. is 6.4 so no lock out. please help!

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  2. awsome thanks :) totally helping, oh whats that? yeah that could be it..

  3. Yup. Thats what i got too.

    I think they only answer the questions they know the answers too.

    Im gonna try asking my question in the tomato forum
  4. ya ill go to the dandy lion forum.
  5. Lower your ph and your nutes that is burn. That's why it came on so quickly at the start of flowering. It is safe to use plain water the first week or so of flowering as the plants are going through a lot of stress during their transition and use very little to no nute at all during this period.

    Ph to around 5.8 and cut the nutes if half or 1/4. Your medium is promix which is soil-less aka hydroponic growing. Any medium with no 'dirt' can qualify as a hydroponic medium and you can follow the hydroponic ph guidelines.

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