Lime green leaves, pointing downwards

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  1. Well I think I've ruled out overwatering because I let the soil almost completely dry out before just watering now. I was thinking it could be a pH problem. Any ideas?


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  2. Got any pics without led lighting? Also do you have a ph meter? Are you using nutrients?
  3. Do you know the pH live been watering at? If you have never checked that's the first thing I'd do. Also have you used nutes yet? What kind of soil?

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  4. Looks like over watering to me.
    How often do you water?
  5. I haven't gotten around to getting a pH meter yet that's why it leads me to believe that's the culprit. I was originally using the water straight out the tap because the city has to report the pH and it's around 6.7 then about a week ago I started leaving my water for the plants in waterbottles overnight which I think may have caused the pH to drop too low. I've only fed once so far and I'm using alaskan fish which is also known to lower ph I believe

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  6. I've been at work the past few hours so I'll go home and see if there's been any change and upload pics without the led. I'm using ecoscraps organic soil with 30% perlite

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  7. Overwatering. And I know why :)
  8. well I guess tomorrow I'll try be going out to buy new soil. Any recommendations for something I can find at lowes?

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  9. Yup came home and they're exactly the way they were when I left. I'll be finding a different soil and upping my perlite percentage to avoid this again


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  10. Thank you bro

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  11. UPDATE: couldn't stand to watch them suffer anymore so I went down to Walmart and picked up some basic potting soil. When I was going to repot I realized that the reason they appeared overwatered (even though the soil was drying out) the original cubes that I sprouted the seeds in were still retaining a ridiculous amount of water, a thick mud wrapped in a mesh material. Essentially drowning out the roots and not allowing for much root growth. I immediately cut the mesh off and rinsed the soil out. I allowed the roots to dry out a little bit. They were still nice white and healthy but definitely stunted. I transplanted into a new medium with about 40% perlite and 60% soil. I checked the bag to make sure it wasn't moisture retaining soil and within the last couple hours I've already noticed improvement. Hopefully they'll be back to normal in a few days.

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  12. Word of advice!! Never use jiffy pots!! And if you do be sure to cut it away before transplanting your seedling. Did some further research and they stunt root growth and hold water way too much!!

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