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  1. I find my self not really sure of what to believe any more. Don't know when the gov tells us something true, and when they tell us a lie. I don't know what to think of people's opinions. For all i know they could have a secret agenda to try and persuade me to their side.

    Not sure what to really make of stuff any more, in terms of KNOWING.

    I see all this talk about Osama, and I just think. What if they DID kill him, and all the paranoid people in the world refuse to believe it based on the "bad and evil gov." Or am I just slowly being eroded and assimilated into the systematic choreography that is bi brother?

    There is SO MUCH out there that could be possible, and I don't know where to start. All the lies and possible truths. Its hard to actually grasp any form of knowledge and follow it with complete assurance.

    I think it's a matter of me just trying to assimilate into my own being, without being weighed to a certain side.

    I mean for one, How do we know the reality we live in actually exists? How can you prove it?

    I really feel as though sometimes I'm meant for the asylum.

    Maybe I'll just drop a sheet one night and just lost all perception of reality and fantasy all together.
  2. You're better off eating crystal than eating a sheet, too much paper. Might cause cramps
  3. If you come across crystal L, more power to you ;)
    The bottom line is you have to choose what to believe for yourself, you're always going to hear opposing viewpoints on any subject. Myself, I choose to disregard anything the government tells me and basically subscribe to the theory that anything is possible, so at this point nothing that goes down will really surprise me.
  4. Touchè^

    on the off chance you don't know a chemist just get a vial instead, it'll probably have more than a sheet anyways
  5. Depending on the Vial size a vile can be 100 sheets or 1000 If i'm not mistaken. Just depends on if it's small or big.
  6. Holy balls, all the vials I've gotten were just a hundred hits, but I don't think anyone would put more than a gram or so of crystal into a single vial, and thats like 10 sheets. And that would still be way too undiluted.

    edit: nope that would be 100 sheets afterall. But I still don't think anyone would make them that strong, and if they did you could probably just ask them for crystal if you knew someone that high up lol
  7. 100 sheets you say?

    Hello insanity.

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