Lil' Wyte - Acid (video)

Discussion in 'General' started by budsmokers_only, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. This is a unoffical video that might or might not have been posted but is being reposted if thats the case. I dont do or want to do acid..but this song is is entertaining.
  2. Lil Wyte is the shit. Not a lot of people know about him. Eminem dont got shit on lil wyte!
  3. lol that was pretty tight, loved the low-quality effects
  4. aside from years of experience hit records and even a movie lol but other then that ya i guess eminem doesnt have shit on him :p
  5. Lil Wyte has the stoner song of all stoner songs.

    Go listen to Get High on his MySpace and tell me it doesn't describe most of ya'lls daily routine.
  6. how about my smoking song , smoke my dro, get high to this, good dope, or basically any of his CDs including phinally phamous, doubt me now, and on various 3 6 cds

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