Lil Wayne's The Carter II is Ghostaface's Supreme Cleintele

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  1. Ok so as all the hip hop historians know, Ghostface had 2 shining moments of lyricism; His own Supreme Cleintele, and Only Built for Cuban Linx. After these 2 came out people started to notice that the guy who spit the first verse introducing the world to the Wu was a very good lyricist. At this time he became a figure that could claim the throne to greatest rapper. He realesed sub par, yet still good and critically acclaimed, albums. Bulletproof Wallets was a bomb, Ironman gave him some fame but it never quite happened. His promising career, of almost the best led him to leave a small collective of die hard fans.

    Lil Wayne was in the Hot Boys a southern rap good with its good songs, he realesed his own work and then it came. The Carter II, it was like someone just became a real rapper, the rhymes were great and he had so much promise. His huge line of mixtapes greater added to his name and scope of work. His stream of thought rhyming was amazing and different. He had the world to conquer, and with songs like his phenomenal "dough is what I got" we first started to beleive that he certainly had the potential be the greatest rapper alive. He realesed the Carter III and it was ok good at best. He did not make a classic record. Everyone can argue but it came out to just short of classic, 4.5 out of 5, almost; but no Illmatic, or Reasonable Doubt.

    This is what I think, I love all hip hop and just came to this thought a while ago while listening to tons of wu recently.

    I think its a fairly good comparison.
  2. I'm sorry, but never ever compare Lil Faggot to a member of Wu-Tang. It hurts me. Please show me an example (post some lyrics) of Wayne's great lyrical ability. I can't wait to see it.
  3. Waynes the most overrated rapper. If your really the greatest rapper alive, you shouldnt have to be the one to say it. Hes too mainstream to make a real "classic". Ya i like him, IMO his best stuff was with Juelz on i cant feel my face, after that its all been too mainstream for me.

    EDIT: And i agree with Tray Dub, Wu-Tang was real, Lil Wayne is in it for the money, period.
  4. Its ok.. everyone has haters.

    I think waynes one of the only people keeping the blood flowing through raps heart right now.. and even if waynes in it for the money, hes good at what he does, he does some work releasing singles every week.. (dont even bother posting that they suck, because i dont care)..

    im real throwed so im going to
    bed now. peace
  5. i dont hate on what he does. i just think you shouldnt run around calling yourself the greatest rapper alive, thats just a dick move. many rappers would lyrically slaughter little wayne, actually i like some of his shit, but some of it just isnt up to par.
  6. The "hater" concept is so irritating. Do you really think I just dislike him because I like/need to hate him? Do you really think there's nothing more to my dislike of him?
  7. I was a hater just like you, no joke or exaggeration, just like your avatar God Loves ugly is one of my favorite albums of all time. I used to say everything I could bad about lil wayne I thought he was straight crap.

    But I bet you have never actually heard the Carter II all the way through and listened to all the lyrics. It shows that he deserves at least half the hype that has.

    And "realism" set aside (how many keys have the wu actually moved?) rapping is a skill.

    Ghostface or any of the other members of the wu made it clear that money was what they were after, they wanted to hit it big and buy "my own yacht with enough land to plant my own sess crops"-ghostface enter the wu

    Every artist is after money, but as far as rapping go Lil Wayne is good and the only people that hate him are those that dont think he the greatest, it doesnt matter if you think hes the best or not, he is one of the only putting out hot lyrics and as shown in the Carter II he had enough promise to be the best.

    Don't talk to me until you listen to the Carter the II and III. They are not classics but it is clear that as far as the mainstream goes who is better and actually moves units?

  8. Ahahah i know right, these *****s need some real shit. Not fucking t-shirts rhymed together which is mostly the popular rap around now-a-days.

    I wish I had a time-machine back to the 90's////:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

  9. I don't mind rapping for money. That's totally fine with me. And I'm glad you've exposed yourself to more than radio hits. But first of all, who gives a fuck if a rapper is moving records? Does that make them good? No, it means they can appeal to a large audience. That doesn't mean they have talent.

    As for listening to those albums, I've listened to a lot of them, though I'll admit not every song. But like I said, if you want to show me some work of his that you think might convince me (that's assuming you care about my opinion enough to), feel free. But don't call me a hater. There's a reason I dislike him.
  10. wu tang clan aint nothin to fuck with

    i heard lil wayne had a ghost writer and dosnt even write his own shit the only song i think is good by lil wayne is shoot me down .

    i miss mc s
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    this one is funny in at about 4:16
    "We Takin Over"
    "I am the beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats
    I'm untamed, i need a leash
    I'm insane, i need a shrink
    I love brain, I need a leech
    Why complain on easy streets?
    I don't even talk, I let the Visa speak
    And I like my sprite easter pink
    And my wrist special par, but the mule is cooler
    I have more jewels than your jeweler
    Touch, and i will bust your medula
    That's a bullet hole, it is not a tumor
    Red light red light, stop your rumors
    I stay on track like a box of Pumas
    Now just r-r-rock with Junior
    I am the little big Kahuna, ya'dig."

    this one is good

    and I don't think either of these will convince you but the truth is he is at the point in his career where his popularity is that of the Wu in there prime. He is very talented as any hip hop blogger, music writer journalist, or album reviewer will tell you. He was very close to becoming a classic artist. It is now up to the moves he makes at this point that will will lead him into the sub par sales of the wu collective, or sell platinum.

    And truth be told that in the past the source and xxl (2 huge hip hop magazines) and even rolling stone , have gone back to award 4 and 4 1/2 mic albums to 5, and xl to xxl ratings. So who knows in the future we may look back and think, damn it turned out that his shit was classic.
  12. your right you didnt convince me
  13. Yup. I remember I liked old Cash Money days. Juvenile had "Ha" and then "Back That Azz Up" with the 'little' Lil' Wayne feature. (haha "little, Lil') Yeah then Wayne had "Tha Block is Hot" I remember liking the track called that, but didn't really like the album or didn't really listen to it much.

    Anyways, he had more albums like The Drought I think, I'm pretty sure that's the name of it, but I don't even know if there were others. I stopped listening to Wayne and pretty much didn't like his shit at all.

    Then Tha Carter. It was pretty sick. Though it has some songs I probably played through to the end maybe once in my life, but it also has some heaters. Carter II was about the same or better. Carter III i skip tracks too, but some tracks I play almost everyday.

    Anyways, that doesn't really explain anything really. but to put it in simplicity...

    Carter = wayne coming up, even though he's been around for years. Established a style and it's sick to listen to today because he's got that 'hunger' to make it big.

    Carter II = Wayne getting his style down. Making things more solid. This is the one that has the songs I been listening to since they came out and still do.

    Carter III = Wayne been doing more and more sizzurp hahaha.. but he's trying new things with his style. At the same time, he's gotten more solid or is just freeflowing and it's just easy to him. I can't tell haha.

    Yeah it's a good comparison. It has nothing to do with Lil' Wayne > Ghostface Killah or vice versa.

    I can listen to the first Carter and it's cool like I said already, but recently listening to Tha Block is Hot and The Drought.. I wasn't really feelin them.

    Yeah, classics are determined with the test of time. Instant classics are overhyped silliness. But hey, you gotta be doing something right to be overhyped.
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    I didn't know people actually took rap seriously. That's kind of sad. :(

    C'mon, Reg...leave people alone dude. *RMJL
  16. da fuck you mean?
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    wayne now is makin pop songz and is wayy to main stream to even have a great song, his only good shit is on mixtapes. and there mad hard to get for free. weezy does have some good songs. dedication 2 (i belive dedication is a mixtape and same wiht da drought) da drought and cARTER 2 are my personal favs of his LPs but his mix tapes... just nutz... lemme ask you all i hear now a days is wayne sayin how he is the best can he even prove tht?? he just says it i can count maybe 10 songz that he actually rapps. not saying he is the best or sayin his flow is retarted. u got to have ryhmes before u say ur the shit.. do you here wayne actually spit??? ever??? thts all i here my flow is so sick and all that.. i can now compare him to hannah montana= loliipop and let it rock??? weak sauce.

    for ghostface... your right he was a total bust... i still listen to his songz just cuz i like some of his ryhmes. but he was nasty with wu... to bad wu will nevr be the same wiht out odb. they can try but i just loved his energy and swagger. ghost faces ablum FISHSCALE is half decent i recomend that if u never heard it... best songz on ther uhh the champ, 9 milli bros and guns n razors check it out


    dont get me wrong i like weezy tho ight just donesnt deserve to be the best... to bad mainstream rapp has truned into posers.. "Rick ross" "T-pain" "akon" for cryin out loud t-pain and akon... stop whinein on beats and give them to real MCs tht can throw down lyrics.. thye dont even have to be aabout sellin weed or movin weight. killin people just good rhymes tht can teach you shit about life or someones opion on life.. they are to busy makin up shit up shootin people they never seen. Wayne was not a blood... those tear drops anit shit... not hatin well sorta but i will say some his shit is legit... word im out or ima be typin here all f'in day
  18. thank you for that wonderful contribution. i've seen you make several contributions of equal importance in several rap based threads. and its kind of sad
  19. blazed and crazed u like jae hood or is rip the jacker jae millz?? never can remeber...

    also in ghostfaces jam Kilo he cleary states "cant feel my face" wayne stole dat ish
  20. ^^^^jae millz is good, dont know jae hood, but the rip the jacker im refering to is canibus

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