Lil waynes retirement

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    I am pleased to announce that the worst rapper (IMHO) in the world has finally announced his retirement .

    Edit: new source

    What does this mean? Hopefully he never comes back, and if he does, he learns that more words rhyme than just ***** and *****

    Voice your opinions! . Who even likes this guy anymore? he's a huge mainstream sellout and young money is full of awful artists who are only in music to get rich

    Death to mainstream
  2. Couldn't open link, but if he is retiring it would be a great day in music. I highly doubt he's truley going to retire though. I remeber Jay Z making a claim like that with the black album,
  3. mainstream exists so the underground can also. vice versa.

    dont be so hateful to your enemies.
    in other words, i totaly agree. i hope hes done making music for good.
  4. Why do we care?
  5. that article is one year old.

    dedikation 4 dropping this month.

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    wow I had no idea that article was a year old. Especially because I heard about his retirement like yesterday .

    I guess this just goes to show that this is quite obviously a publicity stunt and we will see him trying to make a comeback sometime in the future.

    Edit: just found a recent source

    I guess it shows that him faking retirement is not unheard of. Sadly
  7. #YOLO

    You mad
  8. lol he's a fuckin rapper he aint really retiring

    he'll be back to make more money in yr or 2

    birdman aint lettin his ass take more then that off too much money on the table
  9. He's not faking and he never said he was retired. You're just not reading. Rappers never really retire they go on hiatus. Waynes just maybe wants to try something new.
  10. [quote name='"J_Dawg"']


    The last one made me lol
  11. thread fail/

    YMCMB biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch :smoke:
  12. Good for him maybe now he can focus and his true endeavors like dicks in butts and shitts like that.
  13. someone posted this a week ago
  14. Now we just need drake and niki Minaj to retire so we can stop hearing bout YM forever
  15. So a dark and shameful chapter of hip-hop history comes to an end
  16. it seemed like he was suckin even more dick his verses smelled like even more shit than usual. his lyrics have no fucking meaning....
  17. Thank fuck.

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