lil wayne song same bass as a mili.

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  1. Whats that lil wayne song that has the same bass as a mili? i heard it on the radio today. The bass is almost exactly the same and waynes verse is first and he kills it. i wish i had more info. this song was sick so i think someone might know it. ty
  2. probably a Milli
  3. haha unless it was a remix but i doubt it.
  4. Bass? do you mean beat? because he did drop another verse on the a millie beat

  5. Probably...It's little wayne, what the fuck else is he gonna do?
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    Yeah well then it's basically the same beat and he dropped another verse

    lol @ jake: he basically kills other peoples beats..Like you know "swag on" by soulja boy. He straight murdered it

    [ame=""]YouTube - Turn My Swag On- Lil Wayne's verse[/ame]
  7. LOL, Lil' Wayne. I laugh.
  8. Could it have been this song?
    [ame=]YouTube - Young Problemz Mike Jones BOI feat Gucci Mane BOI[/ame]
  9. Little Weasel,lol.

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