Lil WAYNE-she will (new single)

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  1. That shit sucked.
  2. Yeah not a fan either
  3. so far.... I like it!


    FU haters
  4. Honestly, Wayne actually threw some good lyrics into this, just sayin....wordplay, meta's, similies, meaningful thought out bars.

    I can't hate on this
  5. "i try to pay attention but attention pays me"! i admit he snapped on the lyrics but the song itself is not all that! :cool:
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    Lil Wayne was behind bars for 1 solid year!! After his release he shows up on my local radio station as a featured artist on other artists tracks pretty much non-stop for 1 & 1/2 months

    Then LiL Wayne puts out a free youtube 'mix-tape' called 'sorry for the wait'

    AND now weezy has already released a completed 1st single from his new CD to be released ~> the Carter IV

    PLUS Lil Wayne is doing a concert here in Dallas soon

    He sounds like the hardest working Rap Artist in the 'game' right now
    You people be trippin'
    Lil Wayne is a very talented Rap Musician/Artist

  7. he killed this shit.
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    sounds pretty tight. ever meet those goofball type of popele who are always trying to be different and wont listen to anything mainstream ? To bad they're all the same cuz they're all trying to be different

  9. Lmao, yeah it's ridiculous. They just make themselves sound stupid.
  10. it's alright. nothin to rave about though.
  11. You guys do understand he doesn't write his own lyrics right?

    And he can't freestyle for his life lol. And that's what makes a true rapper IMO.
  12. Not my kind of music sorry
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    have you seen his studio sessions?
    He makes the songs up when he gets to the studio. He mess up a million times while doing it (probably end up better writing it to be honest) but that how he does it. lol @ people still the believing gillie, wayne ghostwriting rumors. I thought this rumor was done with when he did a verse for "light up" over the jail phone....unless people think he have secret ghost writers in jail.
  14. it was alright but I think drake ruined it.

  15. like the fucking amy winehouse you love oh so much?

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