Lil' Wayne quits rapping for skateboarding

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    I personally didnt care for his rap but I guess some fans will be disappointed.
  2. Good:p
    It's a win-win on mine and his parts.
  3. He stops making shitty ass wannabe gangster rap music - win

    He takes up a sport where he might die or at least be hospitalized - win
  4. Someone knowing they should just stop. Thats refreshing
  5. Finally! Dont have to put, up with his shitty music anymore and now I can laugh my ass off while he breaks bones trying to skate.
  6. LOL " the fans deserve some peace from me" yep about time you stopped putting out that garbage you call music.

    [ame=]Lil Wayne Skating with Jordan Garland and Adam Z at Transitions Skate Park - YouTube[/ame]

    Hes going to be on the next THPS for sure :rolleyes:
  7. im not a fan of the guy but ya gotta give him some respect he beat the game and knew to move on
  8. He's pulling a Snoop move. He can probably pull it off but it'll be ridiculous if he decides to be a "pro skater". Lmao at least Snoop stuck with some chill music.
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    You want him to be hospitalized/die because you didn't care for his music?
    Even if it wasn't serious, still dumb.

    I've seen the videos of him skating, looks to me like he's genuinely having fun. That's what's up.
  10. fuckin finally.
    hopefully he breaks his fuckin neck.
  11. I don't care and idk why anyone of you care either .......
  12. Thank god.
    He sucks at skating too.....
  13. I want to call you assholes but ill get an infraction. You guys can post pages of hoping this dude lands in the hospital with no consequences. Cool
  14. You are all a bunch of sad haters.
  15. my ears are finally happy again.
  16. who gives a fuck lol. good for him. i despise him as a rapper, ill respect him more as a skater
  17. Personally, I like lil Wayne. But he really has done everything it seems. I admire his decision to drop out gracefully instead of dragging his career out like Aerosmith or other old ass bands that should have quit decades ago.
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    Sad? I aint sad, im happy as hell!:hello: Maybe in a year I, wont have to listen to half the people I know talk about how great he is. If he ends up getting good at skating I will show him some respect but not for now.
  19. i like several lil wayne songs wtf yall talkin bout
  20. Do you sell as much records as 2pac and Biggie after they died if you break your neck skateboarding?

    Only time will tell.

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