LiL WaYnE iz commin BACK !!!!!!

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  1. i wuz watchin sumthin on the HOTBOX. for those who dont know, is tha best for music and u should start listeniin 2 it. anyway lil wayne was sayin he hears wat the fans been sayin about him n how hez producing dirt lately. hez sayin that hiz 2 big focusses are the "I Cant Feel My Face" album with Juelz Santana and an album called "Tha Drought is Over: Welcome to Wayne's World". He says that these two albums are gonna be the ones he uses to climb back on top n he sayz the music on these albums will be like his good old stuff and possibly better.
  2. I hope so cos all this shit where he is using a voicechanger is pissing me off big time. wtf is it with quality and influential mc's using that artificial shit? kanye west too... not that I was ever a massive fan of him but i can respect his work.
  3. Hes coming back? I never knew that fucking trash left.
  4. i mean hez comin bak and snappin with good music again hez leavin that trash voice changer behind
  5. yeeaaah thats what im on about needs t bring back stuff like hustler music.
  6. I do actually like his new song
    Hot revolver

    Check it out on youtube WITHOUT the shitty DJ
  7. dont know how you ever thought he left.

    gotta respect his courage to go from rap to hip hop to "popular""mainstream" genre's like using autotune and whatnot.

    listen to the drought 3, his best mixtape yet and hes a beast on that, although u cant tell me that tha carter 3 is garbage, sure im white but come on weezys a beast and is the only one who is out there working for his fans. hes not your typcial one album a year artist, instead hes contantly releasing (or leaking) material so we keep interested.

    people lose faith in him way to quick, hes smarter then any rapper out there trust...and he smokes killa weed!

    btw. i feel like dying, gotta love it while high
  8. Yo wayne gets high like a muthafucka. i know he does that blow and E.

    His music sucks.
    I feel like im dying was good for awhile.

    Metal and punk is where its at though.
  9. as if. The only punk that is any good is the old school chili peppers stuff.
  10. punk does not = chilli peppers
  11. wat the fuck....thats soooo not
  12. some of their OLD stuff like in freak styley is quite punk-like. Thats what their original stuff was based on like punk rap.
  13. Why is Lil Wayne even still alive? I can honestly say I feel repulsed even mentioning his name. I feel bad for hip hop and what he has done to it.
  14. ok so personally if i was lil wayne this is what i would do...

    take a fuckin break... get out the fuckin studio.. i havent heard any lil wayne that has wowed me in forever. I understand the man is all about his money and the only thing he knows in life is recording but seriously take a break, dont drop anything new for awhile. take a break for a quik min, then see how much fans want new wayne and i guarantee whenever he drops somethin new after that shit get outs, he will sell more albums than ever...

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