Lil wayne isnt a bad rapper

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Lil Wayne - Moment Of Clarity [WeeZ] [2008][/ame] Im not that much of a lil wayne fan, I used to clown on him, but someone showed this to me and this right here is tight, he should do this more often,
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  2. Ill admit the first 30 seconds i thought maybe he finally did somthin right. Then it just fell off horribly. But still, good find.
  3. The first 30 seconds are some of the best shit he's come out with, after that it drops off. Had he kept going with that it could've easily been one of his best songs.
  4. Yeah that's a great track, the prefix is one of the best mixtapes out
  5. he is not bad but there are so many better lyrically inclined rappers than him. but he is decent for calling himself the best rapper alive.
  6. Carter 2 Wayne n before was good

    Carter 3 wayne and after is WACK

    unless hes serious then he can put out some hot verses
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  7. I know where you're coming from, the Carter III was a great album but I don't think it came close to the Carter II. And after I heard Dedication 3, even though I'm a die hard Lil Wayne fan, I thought Wayne was losing it. But he proved me wrong when 'No Ceilings' came out. Wayne still has it, he has just changed his musical style a little bit which is fine. He's the best in my opinion. Somebody may drop mixtape song that is lyrically better than Wayne every now and then, but you've got to realize while that person was doing that song and getting it just perfect, Wayne was probably putting verses on half a dozen new songs maybe more.
  8. i'm sorry man i have no respect for his music
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  9. so what the OP is saying it, lil wayne is a good rapper, yet he is a horrible rapper?
  10. fun fact number 420: lil wayne shot himself in the chest when he was 12 and blamed it on his step father who ended up doing time in jail for it.
  11. haha... wow. i thought he couldnt get any more childish.

    look at his face, doesnt it piss you off?
  12. If you like lil' wayne you should slap some lil romeo, shaq, and aaron carter. Them dudez as dope as wayne is.

  13. Lame asses I swear, if you hate Lil Wayne that much then don't click on any thread that has "Lil Wayne" in the title.. yall are fuckin dumb. get a life.
  14. dont hate him, just dont like him. clicked on it because lil wayne is funny to me.

    grow up.

  15. I don't know bout that he was home alone with the door locked and music turned all the way up. I've never heard that he blamed his stepdad, and don't know how he could. Source????

  16. Wayne was toyin around n shot himself in the chest, nearly killed him and the paramedics came just in time, but he never blamed it on his step dad. As far as i know, he loved his step dad, i think his name was Rabbit or suttn like that. But wayne loved the dude up until he died n Birdman started taking care of him.
  17. ^^ it was a cop that saved him but whatever

    the only way I can see you bringing up his step dad is the fact it was his gun but I never heard that Wayne blamed him
  18. oo yea it was a cop my bad, and the guns was his step dads. He almost died from that shit

  19. Haha yes sooo much! And to anyone who thinks lil wayne is a good rapper, i beg to differ. His flow is wack, half the time you cant fuckin understand what he's saying, you can barely even call him a rapper. He is a disgrace to the hip hop world!
  20. i like some of waynes song. But the words he uses for some are just too dumb. Ex: "she opened up her mouth and then i blew her brains out..."

    Sure it flows, but it's childish/immature.

    Don't get me wrong he's a good poet in his songs, but I feel he lacks effort on quite a few of them. :smoking:


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