Lil wayne is on Around the Horn on ESPN

Discussion in 'General' started by Five To One, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. He doesn't know much but he is BAKED OUT OF HIS MIND. anyone else catch this?
  2. HAHAHA I bet that fucker was baked. How awesome would it be to sit in front of a camera, and just be high... AND GET PAID FOR IT?!
  3. He is high all the time, Just watch some interviews of him and you will see his eyes are bloody =)
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    I wonder what would happen if wayne endorsed publicly phelps hitting the bong.
    I can just see his next album containing such things.
    speaking of which, has that been on around the horn?

    i just turned the TV on, and im laughing at the fact that hes actually a part of the the "game"

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