Lil Wayne got shot!?!???

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by BlazeUp420, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. damn

    you just got me really excited. shame on you :mad:
  2. Dam I was stoked.

    But because of your lies, fuck you.
  3. this isnt youtube bro, don't do that shit just be honest
  4. Asshole, i was so happy to hear that. And then you took it away.

    Go shoot him to make up for it :smoke:
  5. I don't ever really wish that type of shit on people :wave:
  6. only by himself, the bitch.
  7. Why can't I negative rep you god dammit?:mad:

    I declare this thread and that rappers music shenanigans
  8. dude, you fucking suck. seriously.
  9. I came in thinking I'd be the only one who was excited as fuck by the title. Who was I kidding... and FUCK YOU OP for gettin my hopes up. This next explosive diarhhea is for you
  10. lol fuck yall. :smoke:
  11. For building up false hope, I refuse to click on any of your links. Great way to get people to check out your stuff. :rolleyes:
  12. Haha see what he did there?
  13. im not gonna listen to your shit thanks to your terrible joke.
  14. fuck yall. if you dont wanna listen then i dont want your bitch ass to listen to em.
  15. Just because Lil Wayne is not in your standards of rapping ability does not mean he needs his life extinguished. I would not wish that on another human being. It's not like he's part of Al Qaeda or something, he's just not promoting a healthy music environment.
  16. Dude you're awful.

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