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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by nikot, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. Pick up an 8th of this....

    **this is not the whole 8th.

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  2. ...

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  3. looks like weed.. haha fun
  4. ummmm..... looks kinda moldy......?!?

    other than the mold.......... ;) it looks pretty good.. how much the 1/8 cost you?
  5. Moldy? It's the light reflection i believe. $60 an 8th.
  6. no.... dude, seriously that is mold. ill show it to you once i find out how to edit it then put it back on here...

    there is mold right on the middle of that pic, a big white furry thing, then another off the the top right, then another to the top left (just poking into the air). ill circle it and post it....

    anyone else think that is moldy?
  7. yeah i see where your talking about and it does look moldy
  8. and i posted the pic somewhere else, and they said it was moldy also.... just make sure to check that shit dude..... at least get as much off of it as you can. you can get lung infections and shit from that... and if they go untreated it can collapse your lung and shit. make sure you are not coughing diferently after smoking that for the next few weeks.... seriously.
  9. wee-one, is there a page where i can read about this at? It gets me high as hell, takes a little wierd, kinda smells wierd, but seems like good dro. What causes mold? How can I be for sure its mold?

  10. Mold is usually the result of improper curing....Inspect your stuff on your next pickup. If the "moldy" places have different structure than the rest of the bud (as far as I can determine it does in your case) than it's most likely mold... Several "Hairy" spots on buds is bad news...
  11. This is mould I think (? = not sure, hard to see on picture):

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  12. I inspected the bud last night (same nug) and couldn't find the white spots. It was probably dog hair or fuss that floats around the ait (the pics were taken outside). Unless the mold can only be seen with a camera, which i doubt..
  13. here dude..... im not saying you get crap or anything..... im just looking out for you because you can die from smoking moldy weed. here, i posted this in the rec. mj use forum. same pic and everything. just look, everyone says it is. and i doubt it is the camera, or lint, or dog hair. ive had like 20 dogs, and that is NOT dog hair. and it is stuck to the bud. plus there are the dark, damp spots...

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