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Lil indian dude.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Bud Head, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. old enough to know better........
    p.s happy birthday to ME!

    Happy B-Day Highya. we love you dearly! Are you going to tell us your age??
  2. ::comes to this thread and continues doing an unidentified dance::

    <big>happy birthday!!!</big>
  3. Read the other post...she did tell us!!!

  4. She may have tricked us though........
  5. Happy b day bud head

  6. Now wait a minute.

    I'm confused again!

    It's Budheads b-day too?


    Yeah lil' indian dude, I did all my talking in the other thread!

    So go look there.

  7. NO! Not till May!

  8. Hey mate.. My B-Day is not untill May.. LOL

    One wrong reply leads to stoners making more.LOL
  9. I love ya mate.. Enjoy the birth date as if it was all of us'es..

    Have pleanty of fun.. < Fun is hard to come by to some.. lol

    Stoned but no port for me!
  10. HIGH All, how'd I miss this one.

    Happy B-Day Bud Head have a good one.

    *LOL* I know it's not just playing like the rest.
  11. bud just took my silly lil quot from a post i wrote before i saw that YOU ALL REMEMBERED!
    well at least unoit ;) got to have someone on the ball eh?
    i luv ya all
    the lil indian dude's still confusing a few..but i like it!
    you guys are the best.,for a bunch of internet names i consider friends. yea i got invisiable ones i play with at home too.
    thanks for the smiles....an okie fat and sassy...thats my thing.
    i hope you all did my dance naked!!!!!!!

  12. HIGH All, shit sorry HIGHa and it was a beutie of a day here too. (Breaking HIGH records All over BC).

    Lets see what happens next year my friend.
  13. Happy Birthday Bud HEad :D!!!
  14. Thank you, Thank you! Takes bow and

    ::::Does the happy B-Day dance with Highya while STONED!::::

  15. i cant wait. you know what you'll have to do dont you?
    you will do the dance :D

    cha cha cha

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