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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Phyll, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. Dudez-s-szz, I think my budz are going butch on me but am I just thinking they are? The pistils (or ?) are like a male would be but are they just pre-bloom females with that little hair coming out the end of the things? They are clustered tight and are not dangling or wobbly like grapes, they are sort of bunched down in the crotches of the leaves below too. Been on 12/12 for 15 days, CFL's and 10-60-10. Pic is not that clear but maybe a few of you know right off the bat. Thanks
    PS> Image is very close to actual size.

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  2. Here's another shot of the same cola. Phyll

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  3. Looks like it might be hermie but I can't really tell with that pic...can you get a closer view?
  4. looks hermie from those, but a closer one of just the bud would be better.
  5. yep that is out before it pops pollin dump it before u got serious problems

    unless that is ur only plant...then it will just pollinate itself...but the seeds will be f'ed up also
  6. So, you say that even tho it could be a herm to trash it? Is it gonna give up some THC if I just let it finish? We've come too far to throw it all away now...I swear I see little fuzzy shits all around the clump at the top. A little over optimistic perhaps, but I'll take the herms if they're going to be smokeable. My room is set up for 1 grow per grow period, so I'll get it straight next time, I hope...stand by for new pic later...thanks. PS> I vaguely remember reading a piece on sexing and a post said he thought his were coming out male but he waited and then came the real flowers. Does any of that ring a bell?

  7. Hey Listen to froggy, he's the hermi expert at the City. Look at his hermi in the Seed Bank.

    Did you know that frogs, like most amphibians tend to be hermi's themselves under the right environmental conditions. :D
  8. Let's say I had a grow that went all hermie. Would I want to finish them and smoke em?

  9. I think that might've been in one of MoW's threads.

    If you're an everyday smoker I doubt you will get a buzz off a hermie.

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