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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by cowboysaxman, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. under login info. it says I have 2 pm's.When I try to access them it says no messages for this time period. What am I doing wrong??
  2. Also, if you choose to save a copy of your sent messages this will be added to your total as well. But I don't really remember if it calls the message new.

    Does it say that these messages are new?


    I just did a test and it doesn't seem to count the sent messages as new.

    Ganjaphish gave some great advice. (xoxo)

    (xxx) :D
  3. Still can't access PM's. Yesterday I pmed Bud Head to ask a question, in the log in area it said I have 3 pm's none new. When I logged in this AM it said 4 messages none new!! When I go to pm read, it says NO messages!Tryed to track them, and apparently it only tracks outgoing. Tried area to pull all messages from past to now, it still says No messages, A short time ago I recieved a message from SJ in response to a question, so evidently it only works sometime.Is there anyway I can access these PM's?????
  4. All you need to do is go down in to the box that says "Show Message From" and go to "the beginning".

  5. if you're still having problems, cowboysaxman, you have multiple boxes. check "from the beginning" and check all your boxes. that should clear 'em out :D

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