lil ben comes home repaired!

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    Woot! Just got my little Ben Wilson bub back repaired from the glass shop!
    I cracked the GonG joint a few months ago.
    They charged $70 to put a new one on!
    The part of the bub encased in red is the part they replaced.

    Now I have a dope bub and bong collection going on.

    All my ashcatchers and hash utensils are in their glass box outside the picture. I'll try and include those next time. I'll post more pics when I get my crazy showerhead ashcatcher. Only need $150.. lol
    fukin' can't wait for that showerhead A/C

    -Smoke Trees.



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  2. good to see you ben wilson inline got repaired! i rock one all the time with my dosa bell, makes a damn fine rig!
  3. Very nice man, glad to see your piece live on!

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