Lil B-BasedGod Velli [NEW MIXTAPE]

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    People think he's a joke cuz of his early tracks about won ton soup and various celebrities

    I don't really get why Lil B is hated by so many

    He even got punched in the face at an interview. That shit is rough!!!

    But he never gives up! And he keeps making music! I find that inspiring!

    And his music is getting better these days!!


    BTW, so far I'm hearing some interesting tracks!! I'm liking 'let shit slide'!
  2. I got Aids and What you think about it are my favorites
  3. I could not make as big a bafoon of myself as Lil B does on a regular basis, if I tried.
    that said, he's made the money and captured the fame
    along with writing some rare good lyrics
    he's just simple as fuck tho, and quite retarded.
  4. Because he is.

    Easiest question I've answered in weeks.

  5. He has great lyrics. Doesn't have the greatest flow in the world but his lyrics are spectacular. Don't be ignorant. See this is what I don't understand. You say such a mindless post with nothing to back up your argument. That's just straight up ignorance man. Please give me a solid argument.
  6. Same as usual......tha muzik haterz flock to Lil B threads!


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