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  1. this shit is worth the listen


    [ame=]Lil B - I Own Swag *MUSIC VIDEO* WOW THIS IS MOST EPIC TO DATE! SPEECHLESS - YouTube[/ame]
  2. sounds like shit
  3. G A R B A G E
    s o n
  4. Sucks ass dude
  5. sweet music video

    haterz gonna hate Lil B. till they have no life left
  6. thank you based god
  7. i respectfully assert that the music posted has no artistic merit.

    I recognize that this is only my opinion, and people have a right to like whatever music they choose.
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    ^^^^ Lil B's music is full of merit...musical and otherwise
  9. Yeah like anything you say has credibility

    It's shit, time to accept it
  10. this aint new
  11. I find no merit in his music.

    and I have probably listened to 20-30 different songs of his.

    I just can't rep his music, it's sophomoric, repetitive, non-rythming and intensely immature.

    I understand that's what people like about him, that "based" quality.

    It's just those things, in my mind, add up to WACK RAPPER.
  12. If it was shit to me it would be nothing to me

    Yet, people like you insist that this music sucks. You even try to convert us OUT of being a fan

    If you could wave a majic wand, would you end his career? If the answer is yes....that's really sad
  13. If I could wave a magic wand I'd put him in the bottom of the shit music barrel where he belongs.

    What's sad is people like you who have a horrible, horrible taste in music. Shoveling money to these talentless idiots... I mean just look these lyrics; what type of fucking idiot would listen to this?

    Lil B

    Oh yeah, you.
  14. Lil B does it for free *****
  15. Can't we confine discussions about this guy to the threads already here? Do we really need another about this egomaniac?
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    What kind of people would waste so much time and energy dissing this guy? You could have spent the last 20minutes totally jamming to your fav artist, but NOOOOOO!!! We're not allowed to enjoy this shit! Bleh!!
  17. What do you think this is? It's a forum where you discuss things while also having the ability to simultaneously listen to music.

    If you didn't continue arguing your futile point, it would have been done a few posts ago.
  18. I would say, TexRx does NOT have terrible taste in music.

    but I am mystified why they like LiL B.
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    ^^^ I know you are a DJ with a radio show, Shitloaf.... so I know you respect many forms of music

    I am mystified why they hate Lil B so HARDCORE

  20. Honestly, you've only got 800 posts since,I'm not sure I value your opinion

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