Likes Received and Likes Given?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by gburna, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. whats this new thing?:confused:
  2. yea the fuck is that? this aint facebook:mad:
  3. I be likin' everything up in here.
  4. Hasn't this been done before?

    I'm disappointed in you, GC.
  5. no panic, guys, new developments, LIKE it and we'll destroy facebook ok ;)

    just kidding a new like feature we are working on , go with the flow, it's pure internal like sytem for grasscity forums.

  6. I like it SJ!!! People are always gonna fight change
  7. Yeah, I like the like. It's just like public rep...

    ...but if that button starts linking to my facebook I'm not going to use it
  8. Eh I rather not sees it
  9. in what way?
  10. that's the whole ponit it does not points to facebook
  11. I don't mind it at all. It's like a visible "rep given" bar, but without the rep
  12. Nice, I'm all for it :hello:
    keep up the good work sj & team!
  13. This is in reference to a deleted post about adding new things when other things need to be fixed. Sometimes when you're working on fixing something, something new will pop up and if it's easy to throw on while still working on the other, why not do it? :)
  14. you should move it and use smaller font
    i like the idea tho
  15. i honestly don't see the point behind this, there's already enough people who make posts just to try to get rep, now it'll just be 10x worse since it'll be public. Not to mention that if you like someone's post you can either post and agree with it or +rep.
  16. You should move the like bar under the sig, it's annoying up there before the sig but under it would be perfect.
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    Can we have a feature where we can see what posts of ours were liked? My ego would greatly appreciate it
  18. i thought about this a couple time and thought this would be a good idea! i like it a lot !

  19. This

    How will we know what posts were liked?
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