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like... woah, i can recycle a bong hit

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by modern-hippy, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. so yeah when smoking with some friends, one of them got a really cool idea and i personally think it kicks ass. After taking a big bong rip, pull the bowl and downstem out and blow your hit into the bong again thru the hole where the downstem goes. then you can just take the hit from the top again! Ive seen them all do it, but i havent done it yet because i eiter forgett or just take such a huge hit of something like trainwreck that i need some recovery time before i can take another one :):hello: :smoking: :D :cool:
  2. Meh it could help a bit, but MOST of the THC will be absorbed in the first hit of it if your holding it long enough, but it could be handy if you can't hold it for the neccesary time.

    I got the same idea, but thought about blowing it into a bag/balloon, carrying it around and sneaking a hit now and then, or just doing it right after.
  3. I think thats just gross.

    Fire up a freshie, its best that way.
  4. Gross stale smoke no thanks
  5. eww thats nasty yo.
  6. me and my homies from the bay would take a rip... Bong, Pipe, Blunt, Joint any and hold it til we couldnt anymore than we would blow it in a ballon
    it works great but i guess since the second post said most the THC is gone from the first it doesnt work.
  7. I just blow my bong hits into my girlfriends mouth. She dosn't really like to smoke weed, but she'll shotgun.
  8. I do that with a Parachute, kinda like an oxygen bag, suck in and blow out, you get pretty fucked up..
  9. Yeah just hold it in as long as you can to absorb the maximum amount of THC.
  10. i dunno, they said it wasnt that bad, not like stale smoke or anything
  11. haha, ive never done that before with my glass bong but i do it sometimes with my gravity bong hehe.. not all the time.. but when im low on weed, works great!
  12. You're not getting higher off weed doing that, since most the THC is gone anyways... it's being high and then fucking with your oxygen supply that's causing an even higher feling.
  13. Well I ghostie most of my rips, so that wouldn't really work. Ghostying will get you higher than blowing smoke out. (Ghostie = Hold the smoke in for so long no smoke comes out when you blow out)
  14. ghostie? that's pretty cute. haha i call it zeroing a hit.
  15. zeroing a hit is HORRIBLE for you.

    7 seconds is the max that you should hold it in.

    when no smoke comes out that means that all the bad shit is now in your lungs to.

    i don't want to sound like a snob, but i would never do this. i can't stand the taste of stale smoke. i feel like i'm going to puke when i hit stale smoke.

    if anything, if your with your significant other, i've taken huge bong rips and then kissed gf and blew the smoke in and she got a nice hit to.
  16. ...maybe you shouldn`t torture your lungs so often.
  17. There we go. :hello:
  18. I've been doing this for about a decade. It saves a lot of THC that is usally blown out after your hit, so if you're conservative and don't like to waste then try it.
  19. My friends and I use a steam roller and a gas mask. You take a huge hit with the steam roller and whatever you couldn't finish someone blows the remainder in the mask's whole. You breath out and mix your inhaled smoke with the new smoke and do this till all the smoke is gone. I must say I get super high this way. :hello:
  20. I kno a guy that does that, i've always wanted to try it since he told me about it

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