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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Mr_Criminal, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. I hardly ever make new threads. I'm the replier type. But that thread about Sublime (by the way.. I'm not liking any of the bands suggested in there so far.. though Sublime rocks) gave me the idea that this might be a good place to ask, can you guys name any bands that have the same vibe as Tool? Probably my favorite group. Well, next to Nirvana. It's a mix up between Tool, Nirvana, and Slipknot. They're all great to me.

    So, the point of this thread.. knowing those kinds of music I like, can anyone suggest any bands I might like but don't know of?
  2. Alice In Chains are pretty sweet!

  3. sound garden, nine inch nails,marilyn manosn, meshuggah, hatebreed,killswitch engage, pantera, december,cradel of filth. try those. their some of my favorite bands and i like tool and slipknot and uh... nirvana (most overrated band of all time). so try those bands out.

    btw music is my life
  4. not to be a dick or anything, but there is a music section you could post this in. I love Sublime, too, but haven't seen the Sublime thread. I may have to go check to music forum. Tool is ok. I'm not really sure what others to suggest that are like them.
  5. Dude, everyone should listen to AFI. I've been a fan of them for about 3 or 4 years, and now they're starting to get famous it's really wierd.

    AFI songs you should really check out:

    clove smoke catharsis
    god called in sick today
    narrative of soul against soul
    no poetic device
    the lost souls
    the despair factor
    dancing through sunday
    the leaving song

    BEST BAND IN THE WORLD in my humble opinion.
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    nowhere is home - GREAT AFI tune. what one isnt?
    they are truely a band where you can listen straight through (ALL) their CDs without skipping a song.

    if you dig tool mr.c check out a perfect circle..dunno if youve heard of them. one of maynards side projects. and youd preobably like the deftones too. the song passenger is amazing (features maynard)
  7. Radiohead.
  8. dido, Radiohead.
  9. dido, audio slave

  10. In my opinion one of my top 3 songs in my life right now. I love that damn song, and with deftones and a hint of maynard, it gives me chills!
  11. wow those guys are horrible, im sorry, they look like

  12. heavy music by heavy people

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