Like This Girl That Works At A Fast Food Place, How Do I Go About Asking Her Out?

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  1. so there is this girl that work at a pizza place, that i have a crush on but have no idea how to approach her while she is working. I think she is into me, because when ever i go in, she tries to get a glimpse of me, and smiles. well anyway my homies,
    Any advice that you could give me on how to go about asking her out and get her number while she is working? This is the only time i see her, and i know getting or asking someone out while they are working is kinda awkward, but i have no other choice really. any advice?

  2. Just ask if she wants to hang when her shift ends!
  3. Ask her what kind of pizza is her favorite and then start the convo from there
  4. I'd come in and order food then say "and I'll take you to go, around 8"
  5. Just whip your dick out and slap her in the face. Works every time. 
    I tried that approach.  
    How long does a restraining order stay in effect?  
    He has NO sense of humor........ 
    How was I supposed to know he was straight????  Jeez!
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    Step 1: Whip dick out
    Step 2: Ask her if she wants it on her pizza
    Step 3: Ask to put in her oven
    Step 5: Profit
    Lololol that's cheesy af I can imagine being the girl working and some dude walks up and says that kind of shit. XD
    Man does she see your signature like, do they make customers sign receipts at that store, what was it Pizza Race? Instead of signing, write down your number when you hand her the receipt. hehe
  9. Just straight up tell her you think she's pretty and you'd love to hang out sometime. Don't ask for her number, but instead offer her yours. Tell her to give you a call sometime after she gets out. Maybe say something like "let's grab a drink sometime" or "let's see a movie" but make it short and simple, she's at work and she'll likely be busy. But if all goes as planned, she'll be thinking about you the rest of her shift.
    Good luck!
  10. ask her if she wants likes sausage pizza
  11. Ask her if she like sausage as a topping. Then put your dick on the pizza.
  12. all this talk about pizza is making me hungry
    That's what I'd do. On your way out, give her your digits and tell her that you'd like to grab a drink sometime. Then dip. Play it cool; that ensures that you'll be on her mind for a while. Then, if you haven't heard from her for a few days, go back in and set up the date. "So, about that drink... see you on Friday?"
  14. she works at a pizza place, she tries to get a glimpse of you when you leave everytime and smiles at you, good luck blade seems like trouble.
  15. 100% this. he is right, If some guy did that to me even if i was only semi interested in him it would have me thinking about him all day.
  16. thanks for the advice guys, ima go ask her on wednesday, just need to grow some balls now lol
  17. Go old school "Can I have some fries with that shake?" Then she'll say "uuuh this is a pizza place" then you say "I wasn't talkin bout not pizza bay-beh." Bow chica wow wow
  18. mushroom pepperoni supreme
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    Listen : walk in, order your shit, tell her straight up "hey, i come here sometimes to order a pizza but sometimes i just wanna see you. what your name? (*exchange names*) maybe we can get to know each other sometime. you have a boyfriend?" if she says yes say "well honestly im not interested in your bf, im interested in you. i think your really cute and you have a great personality judging from what i've seen so far. i'd love to take you out sometime."  if she said no she doesnt have a bf tell her you think she's beautiful and you'd love to take her out. ask her when she's free. work from there. 
    take it from a guy that has no problems with girls. be confident and dont text her for the first time you talk to her on the  phone. be a boss a call her. she be thinking "hey, i like this guy. he's aggressive. i'll let him hit it. he's gonna tear my pussy up." 

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