"Like" ruining reputation?

Discussion in 'General' started by Easy_Skanking, May 14, 2011.

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  1. I've noticed this ever since GC introduced the "like" function.

    I'm not one who's obsessed with getting +rep, however I value the system as a way of recognising those who contribute best to the GC community. I've noticed, however, that since the "like" function was introduced, people have simply started liking posts instead of +rep-ing.

    Anyone else noticed this?
  2. haha i have 150+ likes and this -rep

    why me?!?!?
  3. good thread

    + like
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    rep doesnt mean shit, unless your in the red then everyones on your dick
  5. ^ this is why we need a dislike button
  6. hahaha laughing in rl

  7. No, we need neg rep.

    It's a stupid system if half is missing.
  8. We ruined the neg rep for ourselves.

    Not anyone individually just some using it for stupid reasons, like giving neg rep because someone disagrees with them.
  9. It's because the like button is one easy click, while +rep takes three.
  10. Don't some people still have the ability to give neg rep?

  11. Mods and admins.

  12. In all my forum years I expect nothing better from those in power.
  13. does anyone really look or care about rep anyway? I sure don't

    likes are easier
  14. FYI, VIP members (those in red, a few have a nirvana color but are actually vip members) also have the ability to neg rep.

    bad mouthing "those in power"(green and purple) in general, let alone for something they didn't do is pretty frowned upon around here....

    they do a lot for this city and deserve appreciation and respect.

    no but fuck the man ;) :gc_rocks:
  15. Maybe to you, but it's purely subjective. I know many people who would disagree but i also know many more people who would have my back.

    But do you agree that a mod should act in that manner?
    If a regular member said that in a thread he'd easily get modded.

    Well that explains it.
    Most mods that i've seen post usually have an insightful post.
  16. People would just end up abusing it.

    Like what CAPSLOCK BANDIT did with the like system.
  17. he shouldnt of typed that no doubt
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