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  1. I dont know if anyone else has heard of these artists... but they are decent!


    (He has a lot of mixtapes/freestyle type shit... but has been growin more popular this past year) Some good shit to hear is "Alphabet Slaughter" "West Side Story Freestyle"

    -Southern Drama

    (A group of rappers, like D4L/Franchize Boys but cuttin both of them. They have tight songs, with tight lyrics, and nice beats if you got some thump) Check out these songs - - "Hit it from the back" "Let me eat yo pussy" "Child Support" "Babes" "Bus Stop" "Ballin"

    ... just some shit to listen to
  2. papoose is mad overrated imo. he has skills, but all his stuff sounds exactly the same. a lot of people think he is the next big thing, but i dont see it. if you want a real good mixtape rapper thats bout to blow check out saigon, he's real ill...

    oh, and "blackalicious - alphabet aerobics" is 10x better than "alphabet slaughter" imo
  3. Im just sayin... i never said Papoose was the best or nothing. I was just throwin some peeps out that a lot of people havent heard.

    Saigon is decent, have some shit from him, but i dont feel a lot of his shit.

    Yeah... alphabet aerobics sounds better, but be serious. You cant even judge em the same. Papoose goes from A-Z usin 1 letter at a time... blackalicious goes threw the alphabet... but uses other words to make it sound good.
  4. maybe i came off a little harsh on papoose, but thats because i actually think he has a lot of skill and potential but he hasn't progressed at all from his first mixtape apperances and hes starting to dissapoint me...and i had to mention the blackalicious song just because so many people talk about how dope alphabet slaughter is but never give props to blackalicious
  5. whats some newer shit your listenin to? got n e good mixtapes?
  6. new apathy cd and army of the pharoahs both leaked like last week plus the ghostface cd is fire. pm me if you want some stuff, i have some nice connects

    i mostly listen to undeground stuff, i dont know if thats what your look for tho....
  7. i dont bump main stream, i knock underground. ill be hitting you up tonight
  8. i dont like any of this new rap these days.

    gimme some meth/red
    old xzibit
    easy e
    stuff like that
  9. i might get some haters on this one...

    Eazy E? garbo in my books.

    Meth and red is tight though
  10. yea easy e he just barely made that few i like 1 song pretty much, but my main rap is meth/red wicked good.
  11. old xzibit is great. 40 dayz and 40 nights is a grimy grimy cd...

    meth has been consistantly getting worse as the years go by, but red always spits flames.
  12. Any record produced by Madlib is goin' to be amazing (just the truth). Deep Thinkers out of Kansas City are fuckin' great. Of course, you gotta rock Tribe and J5 once in awhile. Foreign Exchange has been my new addiction along with Edan. Hip-hop is a fun genre, and definitely a smokers best friend. If you really want to get down to it ... just buy every single Blue Note release, sit back, light up a blunt and relax. I promise you life doesn't get any better.
  13. I don't know if you guys have ever listened to any big L(R.I.P.) before but for those who haven't big L live
  14. haha alphabet aerobics is such an awesome track!

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