Like rap? Appreciate young white artists?

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  1. Hey guys, Jousou here. Im a fresh 18yo Coming from Oregon, i rep the 503 and i love to rap, sing, write music, and do covers of peoples songs. I got a recording of me doing the song Mirror- by Lil Wayne. Its a slower song not really hip hop, but it would mean alot if i could get some feedback and comments. :) love this grasscity forum sooooo much <3 By the way my rapper/street name is Echo.

    Echo Productions | Portland, OR | Hip Hop / Gangsta Rap | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation

    listen to the song Mirror first, the other song was an entry for a rap battle competition and i beat a guy called SharkBait.
  2. Cmon Blades i know you wanna liiiisten!!! :)
  3. please somebody look at this?
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    Relax, man! Give us a couple hours to post!

    Anyway....Mirror is one of my favorite tracks on 'Tha Carter IV'

    So, my review.....You seem to have the lyrics down but you need to improve a couple things....the mic is too close to your mouth......I'm hearing your breathe and the likes...A pro studio has a mic gaurd in front of the mic to prevent these things...a simple fix would be to move the mic away from your mouth a bit

    Also, I think doing the song at regular speed is better've got some flow but you need to keep practicing your singing....A singer never stops improving their singing talent

  5. ya i have a rockband mic plugged into my PC, i by no means have any place to hold it or keep it mounted so i constantly have to hold it, and my hands shake so its hard to keep it in one place, but ya man i cant afford those mic guards yet. The song is at the same speed it was recorded originally by lil wayne. Thanks for the feedback! I love that song too, i can really relate to it you know!

    EDIT: I use Audacity and FL studio to edit and record.
  6. Why does everyone do the whole lighter flick? Whack Khalifa, Lil Wang both do it, so why do people have to try and be like them? They suck now anyways....


    You need a pop filter, and probably a real recording mic, and a better recording suite (garageband, pro tools, avid, etc...)

    BORING BORING gotta have some excitement when you spit...

    Learn how to master, reverb, echo, dynamics and eq processing, etc...

    One more thing...the music business is a cold cold world, if you think you can handle it, good for you, but don't give up your whole life to try and pursue it unless someone is already looking at you to sign....too many artists go homeless trying to pursue a career, and its a BITCH trying to break into the biz.

    Got any questions? PM me, and I can try and help you out
  7. There's your two problems right there....

    Get a good mic (blue snowball is a great beginners mic) or you can get an Avid Pro Tools Mic that comes with the software...

    Audacity and FL cannot mix and master for you, try a Pro Tools Setup
  8. Agh... my specialty!

    First off... Welcome to the world of music, my friend. I do not know how long you have been at this, so if I come off as "The-guy-that-thinks-he-knows-it-all" I apologize.

    Check out this list. Maybe it will help you!

    1.) Covers. They are fun... yes. However, just putting your voice on top of someone else' music and saying their words is just a bit... redundant. What do you write on? Do you keep something with you at all times to scribble little odds and ends of a song on? If not, do so. You would not believe how many times some sweet bars will just pop in your head.

    2.) You NEED a pop filter. It will keep your Ps from popping and it will eliminate that "breath" you hear in between your lines. Another thing, man. A lot of people I work with don't really like this but I swear it makes a difference. KEEP YOUR LIPS OPEN! Do NOT close your lips at the end of a line like you usually would. It creates like... an... opening sound 0_o . You can hear the spit break away from your lips. Very faint... but it is present.

    I could go on for days and days. I will however ask you to Post some of your own lyrics so we can check them out. After you type up a bit of yours, I will send some of mine your way and see if I can give you some pointers :)

    Happy writing :smoke:
  9. been rapping for 7 years, i write alot, but not anymore considering alot of shit in my life, but that song isnt meant for excitement, its meant to be a dark song, it has dark lyrics, and lil waynes raspy coke voice cant put into a deep emotional feel. So when i rap i rap deep with the emotion and covers are actually great for practicing so ya. Its my first recorded un edited song so i think i did pretty damn good.

    here is my own lyrical text i have saved on my computer and on a website, you might know it,

    anyways here you go.

    Another 1 gram line intensifies inside my hole infested euphoric mind
    As it hits my blood stream i feel like i want to scream, maybe i want to dream
    maybe for a second these *****s thought i was a dope fiend,But its the night scene
    Why the fuck am i seeing purple and green solar beams. Dubstep infuses my head
    Im spinnin in three worlds but in one im fuckin undead. Im climbing 250 foot trees
    excited because at the top there is a never ending rope swing. FUCKIN TRIPPY
    As i grab it i begin to fall beneath 666ft, The world is what im underneath!
    Its dark and all i hear is the chatter of my teeth, Im in a cave, where at? beats me.
    I grab my glowing sword and i un sheath, this inner beast im about to fuckin release!
    Im a fucking demon, Im enraged and spittin flames sinkin jumpers like Lebron James
    Im a lyrical destructionist stuck in a cage thats been set into high flames.
    I promise yall i wont let ya down like Michael Jordan sellin whitey tighties for Hanes.
    This is my drugcore, im a drug whore, i judge me and myself only before i hit the floor.
    I got 2 best friends named Smith N Wesson, Believe me boy you dont wanna feel the aggression
    I pop pills and smoke weed to kill my tension and stress, someone grant me a God bless
    before i blow my high and end up in a dress, i am here for the thrill, not the success.

    I say the "n" word cause it progresses emotion into things when used right, i am a quarter black and the rest white/native american. I have lighter white skin but its because my dad is light skinned and my mom is whiter than a ghost. I typically dont care if you guys dont like the word, i use it cause i want to and i can, if your white and a hater or whatever, its not about race so get over it. (just sayin =p )
  10. You still gotta have oomph on it, put something behind it, or it just sounds plain and boring...

    Find yourself a microphone, pop filter, and work on your mixing and mastering techniques and try some more

    Listen to beats, and just start writing whatever comes to mind. Tell a story, think of stuff from your childhood, funny things that happened to you that day/week.

    If you want true inspiration and learn how to be truly lyrical, listen to the Album Man On the Moon 2 by Kid Cudi
  11. Thats one of my favorite albums, Karunado we have alot in common, lyrically. I rap about my life and the streets and how i used to run the streets of portland with my old krew, but ive moved on from that shit and grown up, still a prodigy to my streets but i keep my flow goin for the homies, its what keeps em out of trouble ya know. My music inspires them i guess so thats what keeps me goin. My favorite song is Soundtrack to my Life on that album, Cudi really lets it go on that one. Its a shame he quit rappin =[ But ya im workin on gettin some more lyrics up on here for you. I have a feeling you will like what i got to say.
  12. This one is called Risky Rhymes for Hard times. I wrote this back when i was just turning 17 (i was with my ex and we went through alot) so this one is pretty personal, i am trusting no one here will steal my bars/rhymes. I hope you all can relate to some of the stuff i put up here cause it takes alot for me to release this stuff to people. Much love guys.

    If religion is a crime then its a felony to rhyme//I dont care what you believe in as long as you ain’t hatin’//Chicken little talkin’ bout how the sky is fallin’//But who is to care when all these children are starvin’//Take your heads out your asses and realize this worldy pain were causin’//These tears that everyone are crying are wasted in the end// Got rich bitches crying over a scratch on their Mercedes Benz//I feel our lyrical worship comin to an end// Click Clack goes my gun when it drops you dead, just one bullet from an Eagle straight to they heads//My rhymes are nothin old, its all new//the way i spit is fresh like a new pair of Nike shoez//Im spitin’ risky rhymes so all these rappers know im for real//I promise you im the honest ***** rhymin they swear i can Heal//I wont lie//Im not the best rapper alive//im not number one on the charts so no problems should arise//Im just here to make my name known// I even rap when im half stoned//Ill slur my words but rap hard when im sippin patron//I dont need any *****s to teach me how to dougie// Im too busy listening to my girl scream “JUST FUCK ME!”//Rapping is my escape from this worlds drama//Ill always pray to God to look over my baby mamma//

    Its time to tell ya’ll a bit of my story//But be warned, these next bars aren’t filled with glory// I got my girl pregnant at the age of 14//I wasnt smart being a gangster in baggy jeans// How could I raise a daughter at 15//I didnt have a job or anything in between//So after I tried to get my shit figured out//My baby left me and I was stuck in a drought//My girl had a miscarriage and we lost our daughter//She woulda been better off with a non gangster father// I still suffer from the pain of losing my first child//I can only imagine her beautiful toothless smile// But it was time to raise my head and move on with my life// Im ganna make this beautiful girl my wife// So at 17 and living as an adult//I gatta be mature and handle life’s drastic haul//I dont want anyone to feel bad for me//I got my life handled B
  13. No, no, no, Man on the Moon 2

    One of the best albums I've ever heard, and the first time I heard it I was on a hit of Lucy, and everything he said in that album was true with my life at that time...

    But anyways, if you have a music store anywhere, go check out their microphone selection or check out, they always have great deals on microphone setups...
  14. Have you ever shot someone in the head?

    And as a caucasian lyricist, please, please, please do not use the N word, it makes you lose all credibility instantly...
  15. im a quarter black, my entire family is black, i grew up in the streets, ill use whatever words i decide. If you judge someone over a word or the color of their skin without knowing them, you lose all credibility to comment.
  16. The thread states 'young white artist'. Using the N word is plain disrespectful whether you are caucasian or african-american, and makes your music sound disrespectful

    As for the gun shooting part, music is supposed to be truthful and the story of your life, don't just say things to say them, it makes you look foolish if you haven't actually shot someone in the head. if you have, 'grats, I'm sure its a great story for a future track...

    I run a recording studio with a lot of up and coming big artists, with quite a bit of pull in the biz, I do know what I'm talking about, I just figured I'd let you know before you found out the hard way
  17. And if ive shot someone in the head ever is not anyones business, what ive done or havnt done is for me to know, what i project in my lyrics is a puzzle, if your mind is strong enough to decipher it you can understand. :) Last year i think it was, maybe the year before, anyways, There was a competition hosted by 16bars where you send in your BEST lyrics or songs, 2 at the max, and u send them in and Eminem reviewed them and gave live feedback over stickam like 3 months after the competition cause there was so many ya know. Well he commented on my 2nd best one ( IMO ) and he said it relates to him in a way some of the others didnt, it was pretty cool but thats about all he said, i didnt win though =[ some guy who had alot of money and stuff to produce sent in his audio and won.
  18. im not going to admit murder over the internet, whether i did it or not, i speak truth, ive seen more shit than you have, try growing up in LA with Tree Top Piru, i came to Oregon to live with my other family who runs Lok'd Out Piru. Dont think you know me buddy, im white dominant gene considering you get your skin color chromos from your mother, im white with black nappy hair and brown eyes. My mom is white with blue eyes and blonde hair. My dad is half black light skinned with brown eyes and nappy hair. Nuff said, if you dont know me dont get start assuming things. Ive seen murder, ive seen death, ive seen my brother get shot in the head 4 times and his brains spilled on the street, have you ever been told to take a gun and rob someone? or been told to kill someone? You havnt, so dont talk to me about that shit cause im stree tsmart considering i grew up in it. Your Assuming yet again that all music is true, eminem wrote countless songs about where he wished he was in life and some where they were a made up story. I write truth. I speak truth, I spit truth. Thats why i got people who follow me. Cause im honest and dont stretch truth nor lie

  19. for some reason i HIGHLY doubt that. My uncle runs G-spot records. My cousin is co owner of Cash Money Militia Recording studio in LA where about %70 percent of mainstream rappers that your hearing on the radio record at. Dont get at me about music industry when i grew up in it, my brother who got shot, Marcus Gundon, he was know in the underground biz as Young Gun. Look those mixtapes up. He was offered a $850,000 contract when he was 18, but we were mixed up in gang shit and he made a mistake that got him killed infront of me.... im pretty sure i know what im talking about. If u dont like my music or what i project then leave, dont comment. Its simple, dont flame my topic with bullshit and argue with me.
  20. Dude... The want to do well is there... but you seem to be blinded (I guess? I am sure there is a better word) by the mainstream. From what I can gather it seems that you just "Rap". Like Karunado said... Have you ever shot anyone in the head? Could you EVER shoot someone in the head? Things like that man turn real music folks off. I love all kinds of music. However, deep real music is where my heart is. Sure I can listen to Drake or whatever but when it comes to my "Me" time... I always have some deep lyrical music to listen to.

    Don't take our comments as negativity. Take it as constructive criticism :) .

    Here are a few of my lines from about a year back. My lady of 5 years and I had just split...

    Most my problems in my life are due from when we split apart/
    Kept my problems bottled up deep inside my shattered heart/
    You left without a warning your decision had no thought/
    But who am I to say what's what what is right and what is not/

    There's so many other things that played a role in my depression/
    But the main one came from froze injection of rejection/
    I was spent so I caved/
    Lost my mind in every way/
    I became another person so we went our separate ways/

    Of course that is not the whole song but you get the idea!

    Here.. I will lay down just a quick few bars from scratch as well:

    Is the world still turning or has it come to a hault/
    Regardless of which it is I somehow make it my fault/
    Weary eyes & intense thoughts call it the life of a stoner/
    All alone I lay awake so they call me a loner/
    Thinkin' 'bout my ex can't help but to phone her/
    ....But the machine picks up and my heart breaks a sweat/
    Smashin' buttons on my phone trying to formulate a text/
    Tell you that I miss you make a list of my regrets/
    Then I think... are you really worth it or am I blinded again/
    Wend away from all the problems hit the bong and ascend/

    :smoke: 2 minute verse. Is it perfect? No. But... It is REAL.

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