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Like I did'nt know this was gonna happen!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. So's I take the youngest to softball tryouts this morn. I show up, for the first time in my life, as a parent, NOT a coach! I'm just gonna hang out, enjoy this nice spring sunshine, say hey to the kidz I know from previous years. After about 15 minutes of leaning on the fence, watching a bunch of 10 and under girls standing around talking, and a group of five 30 something ladies, standing around talking, (the latter were the coaches) I grabbed a bat and asked them if I could hit some infield to them, while we were waiting. "Sure!" they said. So after about 20 minutes of infield practice, a coach walks up and asks me if I can pitch batting tryouts. It felt good to be back on the diamond, and they said none of them could do it, so I said "Sure!" Might as well get a little workout while I'm at it.

    2 hours later, I'm sweating like a stuck hog, arm is shot, back is hurting, and I'm puffin pretty hard. I had 3 balls working to keep the pace up. And I'd seen nothing but little sissy girl hits all day, so I was always holding 2 balls in my glove while pitching. A little bitty one was at the plate. I send one right into her wheelhouse, and BAM! She lined it right back at my face! I got e'nuff reflexs left that I got my glove, with the 2 balls in it, up in time to deflect away from my facial features. However, while not paying attention to my feet, they both went in opposite directions. Landed on my booty pretty hard, but threw in a reverse somersault for good measure.

    Afterwards, I was approached by 2 coaches who asked if I would help them. By now, I was sore, sweaty, winded, had dirt down my back and pants, and of course, in my gum I was chewing, So I said, "SURE!"

    I love this shit!:)

    And after all them touching speeches about how I would coach no more forever.......................

    I'm back in the saddle again.
  2. lol
    sounds like fun.
    I havnt played baseball for hockey alot tho
    would be fun to coach anythin
  3. Ahh i remember my days of playing basket ball. My days of listning to Rage Against The Machine, pimpin a few bitches, and playin basket ball... till my knee went all kablewey... and i smoke mad weed now.... but fuck it, i can still hoop.
  4. one of the very first threads of yours i ever replied to, you kept talkin about how you were hangin up the glove and such, no more coachin for you


    silly stoner
  5. Hang away brother, hang away!

    Stay up late, and I see all the other side of the world people!

    Can you say Flexaril and weed?

    I can.

    Just did.
  6. HIGH All, *LOL* a glutten for punishment hey smokin. Well you do them kids proud just like last year smokin.
  7. I knew you couldn't stay away! You have it in your blood! lol
  8. i's just smilin atcha'
    i knew it too! it was all that leanin on the fence slobberin to get started that did ya in,okie
    you'll be coachin yer grankiddies like our neighbor.
    glad yer back in the game,
    an its always the little ones ya gotta watch out for. YOU shoulda known THAT! :D

  9. SPORTS ARE AWESOME. I play basketball at the park all the time, helps keep me in shape from all the smokin i do. I miss playin highschool ball , those were the days.
  10. I love hoops too, but when I was younger, I liked dirt bikes. Was one of the best in the state at crashing. Did'nt have the supreme suspension that some sissy's have today!:p Air in the tires was just about it. Couple of broken ankles later, cutting, jumping, jukin and jivin, running flat out, are not in my repitoire' anymore.

    Little sore today. Working off the winter atrophy.

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