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Like/Hate joints? why?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by afgooey, May 25, 2009.

  1. id just like to share my opinion on joints. i like to roll reallly small ones for personal use, like maybe .1-.2, and put a big filter on em that i can slide out at the end to finish them. i find they get me more blazed then if i had smoked the same bud in a bowl as long as i roll them right and they are also faster and much more fun. when they get too big however they can somtimes be a waste because they sideburn/run too much but i feel that as long as they arent too big they are a pretty decent and efficent way to smoke. also you can pack your whole load of whatever greens u desire to blaze instead of having to reload a bowl. joints/blunts are good social smoking tools aswell because they allow fast smoking sessions instead of passing a pipe and lighter around.

    just my 0.02 cents on joints what do you guys think of them? ive seen alot of people hating on joints here too feel free to post negative thoughts on reefers.
  2. I like joints because they're chillll as hellll, but blunts are better. And I like them with filters too because it's easier to hold.

    (but I have to admit I don't like rolling them...i roll pretty decently but I just don't like doing it..)
  3. I'm old school...I love joints. They taste way better than bowls, and it's way more relaxing just to pass around a burning j than to have to keep lighting a bowl that tastes like straight ash halfway through. I must say though, I prefer blunts to anything.
  4. Joints are cool, but I'd rather just flip a blunt or hit out of my pipe or someone's bong. They're cool and everything, but you can only roll a joint so big, and blunts have stronger flavors, burn slower, and can have more bud in them. Most of my friends just have J papers though, so I end up smoking them a lot.
  5. there small and conviently good at hiding them. Easy thing to toke in public with people thinking its a cigarette.
  6. yeah i love joints.

    i typically buy these decent mids that i'll just roll into joints and they do a pretty good job of getting me high. i just love being able to go about my business, whether it be checking my emails or watching TV, or relaxing enjoying a nice doobie next to the water. they're great.

    spew all the "they don't get you as high as with a bong" bullshit all you want, it's not always about getting the highest you possibly can off your weed, because more times than not its just mids like i said. as such the trade off is just fine.

    blunts on the other hand i hate, and you'll never see my weed going into one.
  7. word thats one of the reasons why i smoke joints too bowls taste like shit after the first few hits

    ive gotten sick of blunts though, in los angeles, there just too fucking popular and ive had enough of them. everyone smokes nothing but blunts. sure they are good for getting super ripped and thats why ill still burn one, but they really corrupt the weed, im fine with tobacco but its just the artificial flavorings that get me they just are nasty.not to mention they are a waste and even though weed here is cheaper than most of the us its still damn expensive at 15 a gram. blunts do still have a time and place for me though
  8. yeah, blunts are alright when you first start smoking but it quickly becomes just a useless novelty imo
  9. I love joints. I love everything about them except 2 things..

    -they eventually get gross and wet depending on who you're smoking with
    -they make you smell like.. joint.
  10. i love the joint smell, beats blunt smell by a mile haha. and ya the ******-lip is annoying i never do it to joints or blunts but i will end up soaking the inside of any bong with my saliva by the end of my hit. when i take a rip its like eating a favorite food for me i guess thats why i drool haha
  11. Joints are low key (not sketchy), but they're not at the same time. Heres how:
    They're low key because (compared to a glass pipe, etc) if you're smoking in public, or even outside somewhere, they can look like a cigarette, especially if you have 'urban' papers
    But they can make you smell REALLY bad, especially your hands so make sure you wash them after, trust me.
  12. I dont care for joints cause alot of extra flavor. I primarly smoke out of glass unless Im at a friends house and they roll it. I doint even own papers.
  13. I love joints. Roll em tight use a lil bit of that zig zag cover for a nice filter and im set. Nothing like a grape dutch though :)
  14. mmhhhto give my two cent when smoking a joint it constantley has to be fixed and slab alittle saliva while smoking out of pipes or bong stems as i prefer it brings out the flavor and smell out to i really could smell the starburst smell off some bluberry cush I recently bough
  15. If your joints a) burn too fast, b) don't stay lit, c) burn unevenly, it's because you need more practice rolling. A well rolled joint will not lose much side smoke, will only need to be lit once, and if rolled with quality herb, will taste good down to the last bit.

    In regard to THC intake, in Understanding Marijuana, Mitch Earleywine states the following:

    As others have already pointed out, joints are probably one of the most portable methods of transport, ideal for leisure activities, and easily masked in public.

    As advanced as glass may be, I'll take a well rolled j any day ;)
  16. QFT

    Joints are my second favorite thing to smoke, after takin rips off my bong. I got into the habit of carrying a pack of papers everywhere with me, even when I'm not smoking, just because none of my friends are that good and they always want me to roll for them. :D:smoking:
  17. I like joints. Even though they are one of the most inefficent ways of smoking, theres just something about a joint that gets you blazed as fuck, you know? Im sitting in legal studies right now, just went to the smoke pit "Bathroom Break" and blazed 3 joints with my buddy at lightning speed. Im SO baked.
  18. Yeah, my ring of smokers has a pact: If you ******-Lip the joint, you get socked in the face by everyone. There's usually 6 or 7 of us there. Needless to say, nobody lips it anymore because we've had too many spills of blood. They've learned their lesson.

    P.S. It may seem a little extreme for such a relaxing thing as a session, but seriously, who wants to have someone else's spit on their lips?

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