Like animals? Help me win $5k!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by DiAmOnD RaStA, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Ok so after re-reading the rules... it doesnt say anything about voting multiple times.

    So, if you are bored and want to help me win $5000 please vote for [Punky] we had her up to the top 5 and then I got busy with other things, but if I win the money there will be something in it for you guys...

    Or try this one

    Either way its the pet contest on and you are trying to vote for [Punky]

    Thanks again...
  2. Hey man cute dogs and I will definitely be helping you out...I already have voted for you multiple times and I hope you win man! :)
  3. Hey if I had the chance I'd definitely ask Grasscity to help me win something, voted 10.
  4. I got you man, I also voted 1 on all the ones ahead of you

    now I will smoke a joint for your dog :smoking:
  5. I voted 10 for Punky and downvoted your competition :D

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks guys... bumpin the thread.

    Theres not much time left, Shouldve kept this thread up a couple weeks ago

    p.s.- vote as much as you wanT!
  7. I gave your dog a 10

    ..and everyone elses a 1 haha
  8. Voted a 10 for Punky! :hello:

  9. your in the lead dude!
  10. I dont usually do these, but went ahead and voted a 10 for ya. Good luck.
  11. OK bro, Im down to help again haha. We got your dog hella far up there last time you posted.
  12. hahah 10 for you :)
  13. damn I dunno if its because a lot of new entries came in and the list hasnt settled... but went from #170 to #414 lol.

    ...keep voting guys, i know theres someone else out there that wants some new glass lol
  14. Been voting every few mins while I work at my desk. Good luck :D
  15. Not sure if this means the web votes are fruitless?

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