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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 12, 2006.

  1. Jane*****06: Want ur dick sucked?
    Fbmrider666: haha sure

    haha she gonna be here in 20 minutes, i'm on 25mg's of valium and a camo 40 n some chron, n u just cant beat that kinda deal haha
  2. haha, thats very chill man.
  3. haha
    good looks
  4. thats sweet man tell her i said hi
  5. ill take seconds.
  6. put that bitch on speed-dial.

    "man i could realy go for some head"
  7. ahhhh computer love:smoking:

  8. haha actually i can call this chic anytime she aint at school or work and tell her i want some action n she'll do it, i tend not to unless i'm crunk though cuz she's a crazy bitch, she got the magic stick n got hooked haha
  9.'d it go? :)
  10. I was gettin some head gettin gettin some head, HAHA! That is off the chain, Used to heve this girl like that in high school, those r the best. Good tymes, have fun bro. JOE>
  11. dude thats my moms sn?! wtf
  12. haha it went good i guess, i dunno, i've got the same dome peice like 20 times, it aint no brianna banks bj, but it was aight
  13. hehehehehehehahahahahahaha thats the shit
  14. what a lame thread...
  15. dude no no -rep
  16. I used to be all about the sluts, but then I GOT THE CLAP and it changed my perspective on fucking a bunch of bitches. Check that bitches grill for a shanker or two.
  17. MILF MILF!!

  18. man shut the fuck up

    word. bitches like that are the shit, this bitch has been texting me calling me iming me all that jazz all week dying to fuck me, so i'm finally gonna let her fuck me, she's pretty too, just fucking crazy...

    hooray for easy bitches
  19. Ill take 1 BJ and a medium pepperoni pizza please...

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