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  1. So this girl today told me that she likes me better when im high
  2. Are you one of those shy guys?
  3. damn dude that blew my mind, thats a hell of a revelation
  4. [quote name="emperor_dragoon" post="19151627" timestamp="1386901732"]Are you one of those shy guys?[/quote]Yea, I have social anxiety
  5. are you a daily smoker?
  6. pretend you are high, next time you are around her.
  7. lol but then the female wouldn't like him for who he is
  8. she just likes the other side of you not all of you. leave her alone. Sent from my XT907 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Honestly i think that thinking/pretending to be high, will allow him to loosen up a little bit. Weed doesn't really change the way i act, it just allows me to easily access a wider palette of social skills and subjects. Think of it as a placebo.
  10. I get what your stating. But the girl is just going to play him ): I can see this as one of his learning lessons when ge gets over her in the future. Who knows. Hopefully he understands. I have nothing but positive thought for him
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    I like me better when I'm high too
    I'm really fucking shy usually but when I'm stoned I don't feel so self conscious. So I can talk to people and joke and make them laugh and talk with them about serious stuff and make connections.
  12. So did she touch your penis?

    Also I'm the opposite when I'm high. Not sociable at all. I get lost in my head and get anxious around people.
  13. Does your job require alot of social activity?
  14. Yeah, that's how I used to be when I first started smoking! I would feel like everyone liked me better while I'm high.. And he'll it's still true but the only difference is as time went on.. The personality I changed into while I was high, just kinda slowly became who I am.. Hmm idk, gets Ya thinking? -Keep Tokin'
  15. Just tell her it makes you more relaxed and more you around others
  16. Yeah it's an unlocking tool for your potential. 
  17. She likes you for your weed. If you're high around her better chance she'll be getting high when she chills with you
  18. Is the title supposed to read 'Likeable Person' or 'Lickable Person'???
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    Ok? That's good for you man.
  20. I can relate. Everyone likes me better high. When I go sober for extended periods of time, I talk way too fast and way too much about way too many things that nobody cares about. Being high levels me out as a person and just makes me more generally pleasant and fun to be around, and makes me a more relatable, functioning human being.Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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