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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bmpnok, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Hey gc,
    I've been smoking for about 6 months now... & I've been wondering if anyone else is an extreme lightweight?
    I see many people complaining about schwag & how bad of a high it is. I however feel an awesome high from schwag with very little amount.

    I smoked .2 grams today and got pretty ripped. Usually .1 of dank gets me ripped. The most I've been high was after smoking .5 of afghan. Weird thing is that I smoke twice a week ad my tolerance seems to stay the same.

    Idk if my body type has to do anything with it but I am 5 feet 8 inches and weigh 168 pounds. Run 3 miles 5 times a week and weightlift three times a week.
  2. I'd call myself a lightweight, but I don't smoke everyday so that's probably why

  3. Well there's your problem.
  4. #4 bmpnok, Aug 6, 2011
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  5. you should be happy that your lightweight.
  6. not smoking everyday could be the cause, theres no problem being a lightweight.
  7. I dont think weight has anything to do with getting high
  8. This. Im happy when i get blazed off a .2. Lets me stretch a gram out for a day or 2.
  9. once u start smoking dank ur tolerance will never be the same
    so dont start if mids do the trick..i made that mistake, now im broke
  10. Dont listen to this guy. .2 of dank will have you blazed, .2 of mids will give you a headache.

  11. i disagree i used to be able to get blazed off mids, i enjoyed smoking mids and vapin my heads, flavor wise heads are way better imho. but i could get very high to the point i didnt wanna smoke no more after mids
  12. w.e floats your boat man. But personally if I had $20 id get a gram of dank over an 1/8 of mids. Your the first person iv heard of that actually enjoys smoking mids.
  13. i like mids
    chill bro.
  14. I bet you get those dank fire mids
  15. I understand enjoying things other people dont enjoy.
    Some people hate resin. Personally, I really enjoy it.
  16. I used to get high very easily, not to that extent, after smoking a week straight of about 5grams a day with my homies in Cali my tolerance rose through the roof. Just saying...
  17. yes indeed
  18. Try to keep your tolerance as low as possible. Being a "lightweight" when it comes to herb is the best possible thing for you. Getting crazy high off a tiny amount is everyone's dream.

    Those people who try to brag about how they smoke a ridiculous amount like an ounce of dank a week make be burst out in laughter. I can guarantee those folks aren't getting as enjoyable of a high as you are with your .2g of mids :)
  19. Well do man! I took a bong hit of mids and I was completely gone. I'll keep to smoking only on fridays & saturdays.

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